Become a Wine Expert in 30 Days – 6 Best Wine Books for Beginner

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Why you should Learn Wine?

Wine has gradually penetrated into the daily life of us. Therefore, it is necessary to learn about wines.

It is undoubtedly that wine can really enhance the style of people or the environment in some occasions. Because of this, people are attracted to wine at the first sight, and wine is becoming more and more popular in the .

In this case, wine has become a topic of discussion, and wine training and examinations such as WSET in Britain and CAFA in France have gradually come into people’s view.

It is necessary to learn some knowledge about red wine, whether for work, social or health.

History about Wine

Before we table about wine books ,let us present a little history about wine.

Wine first appeared in southern France between 1000 and 500 B.C., and then it began to multiply in most parts of the Mediterranean basin.

In the early days, this drink was always regarded as a kind of noble drink that only nobles could enjoy, and also a kind of sacrificial product used to worship Bacchus.

Red Wine also represents the blood of Jesus Christ in the hearts of Christians all over the world, which promotes the popularity of red wine and enables ordinary people to have the right to drink sweet red wine

Best Wine Books for Beginner

Reading books about wine is one of the best way to learn wine knowledge.We have collect 6 best wine books,all these books are classic. After learning these six books systematically, you will become an expert initially.

#1 How to Drink Wine

If you just want to have a glass of wine to relax and don’t want to be an expert, then this book is enough. As its name suggests, the book makes people want to have a drink all the way.

It is a good introduction to wine knowledge, and the style and illustrations in the book are also very lovely. There are 29 kinds of wine introductions to help you understand the year, sweetness, capacity and other information on the wine label, as well as the basic wine matching methods.

This book teaches us how to drink wine and how to choose wine. The book is very valuable, the words are funny and humorous, and the layout design looks comfortable and beautiful.

After reading this book, you can master the basic knowledge of wine, and the wine world is no longer strange

The whole book explains wine knowledge from 8 aspects in layers, which is comprehensive and easy to understand

Mandatory terms

✅ Wine body: the feeling and richness of the wine after being tasted
✅ Wooden cork smell: It is not the chip smell of cork, but a kind of bacteria parasitic on cork, which tastes like dirty socks.
✅ Tannins: naturally occurring compounds that can take away the bitter taste of wine. The taste is that the cheek, gums and teeth stick together. It marks the length of time a bottle of wine has been stored in the cellar.

Common problems of wine

✅ How is wine made?
✅ Why does sparkling wine produce bubbles?
✅ How to store wine?
✅ What is the best drinking temperature?
✅ How to taste wine

This book also introduces important wine producing areas, favorite producers, wine matching, how to understand the wine label, how to go to a wine shop or restaurant, and how to do it..

A tasting note is attached to the book. If we happen to drink a wine, we can make a record in this tasting note. Record the name, type, sweetness and flavor of the wine… whether the wine meets your taste can also be recorded. You can also read it when you need it in the future.

#2 Wine Folly: The Master Guide

The author is the founder of WINE FOLLY, a world-famous professional wine website. Picture and text combined! It is easy to understand. Of course, you have to taste more wine to drink. After reading this book, you can buy high-quality wine with the least budget. Drink wine more responsibly and make yourself confident in wine!


★ Detailed maps of top wine producing regions in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria, as well as emerging fields in Greece and Hungary, and details of wine labels and classifications in each region are introduced for readers to explore.
★ Brand new food and wine matching matrix chart.
★ Grape planting, wine brewing and other related knowledge necessary for learning wine.
★ The introduction of acidity and tannin allows you to taste wine like an expert.
★ More key tips to simplify the complexity of the wine world and help readers become experts.

This book will help you to understand all aspects of wine with simple and direct charts and graphs

  • Learn to evaluate the quality of wine
  • Handling, decanting, storing and aging wine
  • Look for wines you might like
  • Get knowledge of professional sommeliers
  • Even if the budget is not sufficient
  • Drink wine more responsibly
  • Food is used to match wine
  • Mention wine with confidence.

#3 Wine Simple

This Wine guide starts with the basic knowledge of wine key varieties and major production areas, how to select, taste, store and enjoy wine.

In addition, the author also taught you how to improve your wine knowledge, shared the most in wine knowledge that only wine sommeliers know, and kindly guided readers to conduct accurate lightning protection in purchasing.

This is a lively and interesting wine introduction book, designed exclusively by well-known illustrators, and equipped with more than 300 vivid illustrations and information charts to help you learn from it and form your own views, so that you can “talk” at any time.

If you love wine and do not know where to start, or want to master wine quickly, this wine book will not let you down!

Some Tips from the Wine Books

Wine is fermented grape juice. Juice is extracted from grapes to ferment the sugar in the juice under the action of natural yeast or artificial yeast and finally convert it into alcohol and carbon dioxide.Wine can be fermented in wooden barrels, stainless steel tanks, concrete tanks and plastic containers, or buried in earthenware tanks.

Grapes for white win:

  • Pinot Grigio – entry-level white wine.
  • Everlasting longing for each other – with variable flavor and high cost performance.
  • Chardonnay – style changes.
  • Chenin blanc– The flavor and aroma are changeable, but not fully appreciated by people.
  • Riesling — The taste is delicate, complex and rich, which is a versatile table wine

Grapes for making red wine:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon – rich fruit flavor, strong taste, varied flavor and various styles.
  • Merlot — many expensive top brands in the world 🔝 Wine is made from it.
  • Pinot Noir – very elegant, complex and charming.
  • Shiraz – darker grapes.
  • Nabiolo — deeply loved by connoisseurs, and the price is also of appreciation level

#4 The World Atlas of Wine 8th Edition

The World Atlas of Wine 8th Edition loved by wine lovers and professionals

“If I can only read one wine books, I will read The World Atlas of Wine .

  • First, in the wine world, The World Atlas of Wine is a masterpiece;
  • Second, The World Atlas of Wine reflects the authenticity of wine
  • Third, The World Atlas of Wine has been updating to keep knowledge fresh. “

————said a master sommelier

The 8th edition of this classic wine reference book must be the most practical and comprehensive so far.

As a wine lover and practitioner, consumers always have different difficulties in choosing the right wine for themselves.

There are many kinds of wine in the supermarket. How to choose the right product.

In some cases, the price will be a fantastic figure.

A series of questions can be answered in this book.

This book is a great wine books that has sold well for half a century and is a practical reference book for wine lovers. Since the first edition in 1971, it has been polished and updated by professional teams every 6 years, and is now revised to the 8th edition.

The demand for wine is increasingly diversified in today’s market. The World Atlas of Wine (8th Edition) faithfully reflects these changes, not only comprehensively reflects the style of today’s wine world, but also reflects the changing trend of the global wine industry. It is a classic reference book for wine lovers.

#5 Windows on the World Complete Wine Course

Authority: The book author Kevin Zraly is the founder of Zraly Parker Wine Qualification Organization, which is the most authoritative wine certification organization in the world, and the winner of “Lifetime Achievement Award” of European Wine Association, Zraly is a well deserved wine authority in the world today.

Since its first edition in 1985, his Complete Wine Course has been revised every year. It has not only become the best-selling wine books with a sales volume of more than 3 million copies, but also become a necessary guide for wine lovers and collectors around the world.

For more than 30 years, Zraly has been practicing in the forefront of wine planting, brewing and cellaring, only revising the 2010 edition of this book, that is, he visited more than 80 wine producing regions around the world and tasted more than 5000 bottles of wine from 2008 to 2009.

Practicality: In the past 20 years, the endless emerging wine producing countries and various styles of wine make it more and more difficult to purchase and collect wine.

Based on more than 30 years of research, personal visits and first-hand tasting information, a cost-effective wine list of “daily drinking”, “weekly drinking”, “monthly drinking” and “annual drinking” with stable quality and withstanding repeated tasting was listed for wine lovers, as well as hot spots and potential vintages and grape varieties for wine collectors.

Valuable: Kevin Zraly has always been committed to finding the most cost-effective wines. He believes that although the wines of top wineries are valuable, the appreciation space and the taste cost performance ratio are not necessarily the best.

Smart wine lovers and collectors can find wines worth $50 at $20, and wines worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars at $50-100! This book has collected a large number of such super value wines for wine lovers, including a large number of new production areas, new brands and new wine funds.

#6 The Wine Bible (3rd Edition)

Karen MacNeil, the author of this book, is a famous wine authority and teacher in the United States. In this book, more than one thousand pages are devoted to the fine tasting of wines from many countries in the world. It has sold 500000+ volumes, and is the world’s best selling wine guide so far.

The book The Wine Bible  is not boring at all. You can read it with interest from any page. The description of wine in this book is accurate and vivid. After reading it, it is like following the author on a journey of wine and food.

As early as the first publication of The Wine Bible, Karen MacNeil had tasted more than 30000 kinds of wine and visited all major, secondary and emerging wine producing regions, including China and Mexico.

The final 3nd edition is not only a comprehensive guide to all kinds of wines in the world, but also a masterpiece of understanding wine, including history, culture and cooking.There are various of wines to be known, from Bordeaux First Class Winery to Oregon’s Pinot Noir. Wine and local food are always inseparable, whether it’s Piemonte Barolo with white truffles, or Virginia ham with a unique fruity Virginia Norton red wine.

You can find irresistible Australian wine in the book. The world’s greatest wine rosados come from Spain, tastes like a shower in the heat. South Africa’s best wine Vin de Constance. Delicate German wine that complements food. Napa Valley, a narrow land 30 miles long, is full of passion for life and success.

This edition of The Wine Bible is a new revised edition. The whole book is equipped with maps, charts, photos and wine labels as instructions. It is the first choice for wine lovers to learn more about wine.