9 Best Running Books for Beginners (2022 Running Book List)

Best Running Books for Beginners
Best Running Books for Beginners

Introduction to Best Running Books for Beginners

Recently, there were many runners asked if there are any best running books for beginners. Through the books, running according to them can reduce many detours.

We have selected the following nine books with different emphases. If you train in running according to these books, you will become a running expert soon.

Scientific running, full of vitality

Best Running Books for Beginners
Best Running Books for Beginners

Before list the Best Running Books for Beginners, we will ask you a few questions:

Do you still need to read books for running?

  •  Why do you want to read?
  •  Is running an innate ability?
  •  Do you really know how to run?
  •  Do you need to learn to run?

Running and reading are both processes of reshaping ourselves.

Running is a series of movements that need to be completed correctly and requires technical guidance

Running has a sense of rhythm and beauty. It is not just a simple step on the ground. When we talk about “running,” there are many aspects involved

  • How to run with a beautiful posture?
  • How to run without injury?
  • How to run from Xiaobai to finish the marathon?

Our goal is not only to let feet fall freely mechanically and repeatedly but also to master the concept of running. What is more important is to master the terms and knowledge of running, and improve the personal ability to reach the highest level of running.

Please follow us in the following 21 days.

Read running books to improve yourself!

Share the required best running book for beginners.

9 Best Running Books for Beginners

1. Running & Being: The Total Experience

Best Running Books for Beginners
Running & Being

Running is a journey of ascetic monks or a game in the heart of runners? Do we need to run? Why do you run? How a runner’s world is?

That is a running masterpiece that combines practice and philosophy. In the book Running and Being, you can see the runners’ tenacity, feel the runner’s minds, and listen to the spirit of great thinkers and sportsmen.

Dr. Sheehan outline a healthy and happy life, showing how the body controls our mental and spiritual energy.

Through the inculcation and practice of those great thinkers and athletes throughout history, Sheehan opened the door to his running-life

Moreover, Sheehan combines it with his theory on fitness and running, as well as his professional knowledge of training, injury prevention, and participating in competitions.

But this is not preaching, it leads you into his own “running life” and explains the key significance of experiencing your own unique body and mind.

2. Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men, and Discovering Mysel

Best Running Books for Beginners
Finding Ultra

Do you find yourself the last person you want to be?

Are you living in the cage of life, in quiet despair?

Do you want to retreat from the comfortable fantasy position and become a trapped animal of life, or do you want to find a way out and be the master of life?

Finding Ultra is a process in which a spinning top on a steel wire, a middle-aged man in urgent need of lubrication, reverses through diet and sports and breaks away from the desperate “normal life”.

The author recalled his extraordinary journey, from standing on the starting line of the Altman World Super Ironman Championships – including about 511 km of swimming, cycling, and running races, to achieving the more difficult EPIC5 – to completing five super triathlons.

Rich showed us the power of running, presented us with the most perfect and true self-war, and a life journey to find the meaning of personal life.

This book not only makes people watch a series of amazing sports achievements but provides practical information for people who are also planning to change themselves – experience related to exercise and diet. In addition, this book also strongly proves that breaking the shackles of bondage and one’s willpower can achieve something.

3. Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain


Why do some people have good grades and popularity? Why do some people play and study? Because their brain structure is different!

Want to transform a brain that’s out of control? Fasten your jogging shoes quickly, and you will be able to work smoothly, make progress in your studies, and have a good mood!

Things are not going well, depression is rampant, you forget everything, you can’t concentrate, and you are nervous and anxious. Please note that your brain cells are becoming fewer, your hippocampus is becoming thinner, prominent, and atrophied, and your serotonin will soon be insufficient!

 Listen to Professor Ratey of Harvard Medical School! Spark is the first time that revolutionary brain research has been made public.

Through hundreds of scientific studies, it has been confirmed that sports can not only keep fit and exercise muscles, but exercise the brain, transform the mind and IQ, and make you smarter, happier, and happier!

Exercise can stimulate the brain stem, provide energy, enthusiasm, and motivation, regulate neurotransmitters in the brain, change the established self-concept, stabilize emotions and improve learning ability.

Please stop sitting, depression, broken thoughts, and thinking. As long as your body moves, you can increase brain cells, avoid negative centers, re-open new circuits, eliminate anxiety, depression, ADD, addiction, premenstrual syndrome, and other problems, slow down aging and prevent Alzheimer’s disease!

A few decades ago, Cooper discovered the mystery of exercise and the heart, and Ratey revealed the connection between exercise and the brain through solid evidence and a large number of breakthrough research in the book Spark. So get moving! Your brain will thank you for your efforts and give you double rewards.

Don’t doubt, you can transform your brain! Want to improve your IQ and mind? Put on your jogging shoes first!

4. The Running Revolution: How to Run Faster, Farther, and Injury-Free–for Life

The Running Revolution
The Running Revolution

The debate about running posture is an eternal hot topic among runners. Dr. Romanov’s theory does not simply answer the question of which part lands first, but gives a “template” of running posture – posture running method, which teaches you how to run correctly.

Just as running itself pursues persistence and long-term benefits, this book focuses on runners’ more lasting sports careers.

The concept of posture running proposed by Dr. Romanov includes three key basic movements: running posture, falling, and pulling up.

In the book The Running Revolution, he gave us a detailed introduction to the preparation of posture running method (such as how to choose a suitable pair of running shoes, dozens of stretching exercises), technical movement analysis, and corresponding strength training.

It comprehensively explains how to apply the posture running method to practice: analyze your running movements, how to run in different environments, correct wrong posture, prevent common sports injuries, and so on. It help runners achieve healthy, happy, and uninjured running.

The book has a wealth of real-person demonstration illustrations, which is more convenient for the readers to refer to and learn.

The book has ten progressive postural running classes, postural running cycle training. Through gradual learning, readers will master this new running mode, to achieve the ultimate goal of running faster and more efficiently and reducing the probability of injury.

5. The Beginning Runner’s Handbook: The Proven 13-Week RunWalk Program

The Beginning Runner's Handbook
The Beginning Runner’s Handbook

The Beginning Runner’s Handbook is suitable for those who want to start running, but do not know how to start. This book starts with the benefits of running, gives you a questionnaire to evaluate your physical condition, and then scientifically guides you to run, so that you can complete the transformation to an excellent runner in 13 weeks.

The book contains all kinds of running knowledge, from physical preparation to equipment, how to carry out running plans, how to eat, how to prepare for events, how to run at home, and advanced maintenance plans, and how to respond to plan interruptions. It is a combination of motivation and tools.

The suggestions in the book are practical. The book provides a 13-week training plan, three times a week, 28-76 minutes every time. The difficulty is very low, which is very suitable for beginners running.

6. Run or Die: The Inspirational Memoir of the World’s Greatest Ultra-Runner

Run or Die
Run or Die

Kilian Jornet‘s Run or Die is the autobiography of the world’s most dominant super runner.

The book is the winner of the 2014 William Hill Sports Book Award,2014 National Geographic Adventurer and the 2014 Marka Legend Award.

Kilian Jornet conquered the most difficult physical tests on Earth. He ran down Mount Kilimanjaro faster than anyone else and set a world record in every challenge he put forward, all before the age of 25.

In the super marathon and high-altitude race, he redefined the possibility of running and amazed his opponents with his almost superhuman physical strength and ability.

Kilian shared his passion, inviting readers to enter a fascinating world full of the beauty of rugged paths and mountain scenery, the exciting drama of racing cars, and a strong love for sports and the surrounding landscape.

This is the next essential reading for those who like the endurance books Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run and Dean Karnazes’s Ultramarathon Man.

7. The Runner’s Rule Book: Everything a Runner Needs to Know–And Then Some

The Runner's Rule Book
The Runner’s Rule Book

The Runner’s Rule Book is the funniest run book yet! Give beginners the most interesting “common sense” and senior runners the most joyful “understanding”!

From the confused “Do you want to run on rainy days?” “How can I fart when I run?” From the recommendation of running songs to the unique “urination coordinate system” each rule is short, but there is no lack of humor to answer all the puzzles and troubles in running.

The first book you must read before you step on the runway! This is the happiest running manual for runners all over the world, driving hundreds of millions of runners to run and be happy!

8.Pose Method of Running

Pose Method of Running
Pose Method of Running

Pose Method of Running is a technical posture running method guide written by Dr. Nicholas Romanov, who devotes his life to providing runners with more scientific running methods.

Most people think that running is something we are born with, and we don’t need to practice it deliberately. Running, like other sports, requires skill, which must be refined, trained, and improved.

In the book, Dr. Romanov proposed three main elements for constructing the “Pose Method of Running” – key running posture, falling and pulling, and based on biomechanics, he explained in detail various key technologies in the running process and misconceptions easily generated by mass runners.

Whether you are a new runner or a professional runner who wants to break personal records, Pose Method of Running can help you reduce sports injuries while improving your running performance, change your habitual running posture, and get on the road more maturely and professionally!

Editor’s recommendation:

  • Popular posture and running method guide! Whether you are a novice runner or a professional runner who wants to break a personal record, you should keep your hands on it and go professional!
  • Dr. Romanov combines 25 years of wisdom and experience to create a new concept of “Pose Method of Running
  • Answer professional questions about flexible standing posture, key running posture, and improving body flexibility
  • Solve common problems during running, and let you run more professionally!

9. Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen

Born to Run
Born to Run

Every morning, the antelope knows that it must run faster than the fastest lion. The lion knows that it must run faster than the slowest antelope.
Whether it is a lion or an antelope, when the sun rises, they should start running. Other mammals on the earth are running freely. Is the human the only exception?

In Mexico’s Copper Canyon, the strongest long-distance runnerlives in seclusion. They survived because their fathers ran faster than deer, and their fathers survived because their grandfathers ran faster than Apache horses.
They never know how fast and how long they should run in pursuit of their prey. Only by adjusting posture, direction, and speed at any time, and jumping swiftly between rocks and gullies, they can run across the intricate mountain roads, climb steep rocks and go home.

Tara Umala people run not so much for faster, but for closer to each other and nature infinitely.

It turns out that people are born to run!