ISBN: 9781400033416Number of Pages: 321
Publisher: VintageBook Title: Beloved
Publication Year: 2004Target Audience: Trade
Author: Toni MorrisonReading Age: 12+


Beloved is the work of the famous American writer Toni Morrison. Beloved is based on a real history. The work is startling.

Seth, a female black slave, was hunted down on the way to escape with her daughter. She resolutely strangled her young daughter because she did not want to see her child become a slave again.

Eighteen years later, slavery had been abolished, and the baby girl she killed came back to punish her mother for her behavior day and night. The nightmare of the past never stopped pestering Seth.

Beloved, published in 1987, is the fifth novel of Toni Morrison, an African American woman writer. Morrison won the Pulitzer Prize for this book in 1988. In 1993, she won the Nobel Prize for literature with this book, Song of Solomon, Jazz and other works.

Beloved is about a black slave named Seth who escaped from the Kentucky Farm of the “Sweet Home” to the Cincinnati farmhouse in order to obtain freedom.

A month later, she was chased by the slave owner. In order to let her children get rid of the tragic fate of being slaves, she resolutely cut their throat and buried them.

The child who died tragically in the hands of his own mother was named “Beloved”. She also killed her own children by hand, and later she was hated and rejected by the community people and suffered from the torture of conscience and great loneliness.

Favourite haunted and returned to the world 18 years later. She turned into a girl and stirred up troubles in the family. She not only begged for love debt from her mother, but also seduced and pestered Paul by any means, destroying her mother’s just stable and warm life.

Originally, maternal love and freedom were not contradictory, but in the history of African Americans, they were so opposite and even incompatible. A mother can only deprive her child of her life in order to get back her freedom.

In the plot arrangement of this novel, there are tense suspense and bitter poetry from beginning to end. The hero of the story is a pure black girl. Beloved is a child murdered for love. When she returns to her mother, she is looking for spiritual support. She died of love and regained her freedom in the interweaving of love and hate.

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About the Author

Toni Morrison (February 18, 1931 – August 5, 2019), an African American woman writer, was born in Lorraine, Ohio. Morrison was graduated from Howard University.

At the end of the 1960s, when she entered the literary world, her works were passionate, short and poetic, and famous for her keen observation of African American life.

Her main works include The Bluest Eye (1970), Sura (1974), Song of Solomon (1977) and Tartar (1981),Beloved(1987). She has been a professor of Princeton University since 1989 and won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993.

On the night of August 5, 2019, Toni Morrison died at the age of 88.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction / Harold Bloom
  • Haunted by Their Nightmares / Margaret Atwood
  • Toni Morrison’s Beloved / Roger Sale
  • A Different Remembering: Memory, History and Meaning in Toni Morrison’s Beloved / Marilyn Sanders Mobley
  • Beloved and the New Apocalypse / Susan Bowers
  • Fleshly Ghosts and Ghostly Flesh: The Word and the Body in Beloved / David Lawrence
  • Beloved: A Womanist Neo-Slave Narrative; or Multivocal Remembrances of Things Past / Bernard W. Bell
  • Maternal Bonds as Devourers of Women’s Individuation in Toni Morrison’s Beloved / Stephanie A. Demetrakopoulos
  • The Ghosts of Slavery: Historical Recovery in Toni Morrison’s Beloved / Linda Krumholz
  • Unspeakable Things Unspoken: Ghosts and Memories in Beloved / Elizabeth Fox-Genovese
  • Daughters Signifyin(g) History: The Example of Toni Morrison’s Beloved / Ashraf H.A. Rushdy
  • Beloved: Toni Morrison’s Post-Apocalyptic Novel / Josef Pesch
  • Toni Morrison’s Beloved: History, “Rememory,” and a “Clamor for a Kiss” / Caroline Rody
  • Ghosts of Liberalism: Morrison’s Beloved and the Moynihan Report / James Berger
  • Figurations of Rape and the Supernatural in Beloved / Pamela E. Barnett.