Best 10 Self Discipline Books In 2022

As for self-discipline, I think it is just habit. Habits need to be cultivated. If you are still worried about the self-discipline habit, we have selected top 10 best Self Discipline Books for you, the book can provide you with some ideas from the beginning of reading.

Warren Buffett said: “The reason why I can have today’s investment achievements is to rely on my own self-discipline and others’ stupidity.”

The competition between people, to a certain extent, does not mean that they are more skilled than others, but that they are more persistent than others.

Successful people have no special function, but stick to it a little longer than others, and eliminate those who are not disciplined enough in the industry.

A person who is truly self-disciplined has the following 8 good habits. The more disciplined he is, the more successful he will be.

If you can form good habits and stick to them, you will surely find yourself reborn.

Self Discipline Books

8 Good Habits on Self-disciplined

1. Be prepared for everything and have a backup plan.

Some people wake up from failure, others are depressed in failure. People who are not afraid of failure, in fact, accept the outcome of failure at the beginning of the event and are ready to deal with the worst situation.

Self disciplined people have two plans for doing anything. They allow themselves to fail and never panic when they fail.

2. Cultivate the habit of flipping books at will, and study all your life.

Self disciplined people, no matter how busy they are, will study hard and regard reading as a lifelong thing.

The books they have read today may not be useful in the future, but reading can make people gain great spiritual wealth and make them very quiet.

If you have nothing, then you should stick to reading, and you will find that you do not have nothing. You can find more opportunities by relying on wisdom, and when you seize the opportunities, you can also “win”.

3. Don’t care too much about face, turn over when you should.

A truly self disciplined person never thinks he is inferior and has the idea of “everyone is equal” when interacting with others.

When encountering people who are ambitious, malicious, and bossy, they dare to turn their backs. Give up the habit of caring about face, develop the habit of “being yourself”, and adhere to the principle of being a person and doing things yourself.

4. Pro gentleman, far from villain , and make friends with kind-hearted people.

A real self-discipline person is very kind, persists in helping others, and is good at making friends.

“Gentleman friendly, far away from villain”, this way of making friends, can let oneself meet more noble people. When a person struggles, it will be much easier if he meets someone else.

5. Keep exercising and keep healthy.

Self disciplined people find time to run, play ball, or sweat in the gym every day. Even on windy and rainy days, you can walk and jump indoors.

As long as we form the good habit of exercising, we will be more energetic, and our work will be more energetic and efficient. Good health is an important foundation for success in your career.

6. Cultivate the habit of independent thinking, and don’t talk too much.

Everyone is unique, but if you live in the society for a long time, you will be affected by the thinking mode of others, resulting in your own “similarity” with others.

People who are truly self-discipline persist in independent thinking, and are good at finding their own differences and the differences in society. Insist on being yourself, and you will become a better yourself.

7. Don’t blame or argue when things happen, and reflect on yourself more.

Self disciplined people often reflect on themselves, carefully examine their shortcomings, and think of ways to correct them.

When something happens, no matter what other people say, they will not argue. They will calm down for a few minutes, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the matter, and even if they find someone else’s fault, they will not criticize.

Self disciplined people all know that changing the situation of life must start from changing themselves, not from changing others.

8 Develop the habit of thrift and save more money.

A self disciplined person will certainly develop the good habit of thrift and become richer. A person, no matter how much income, can become a “person with savings”.


Bernard Shaw said, “Self control is the instinct of the strongest.” If you can’t control your words and deeds, then you have no way to control the wealth of the society and your destiny.

The more disciplined a person is, the richer he is. All self-discipline will be rewarded accordingly.

Best 10 Self Discipline Books

1. Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength

Inefficient work? Emotional entanglement? Losing weight always rebounds? Can’t control spending? Addicted to social media and online entertainment? Is it not enough to stay up late every day? It’s all about willpower!

Among the acquired factors that determine whether a person can succeed, willpower comes first.

For a long time, willpower seems to be a virtue possessed by extraordinary people.

But the world’s top psychologists tell us that willpower is neither magic nor empty inspirational slogans, but a science that makes life better.

The two authors of Willpower , one is responsible for exploring the rules of willpower application from the perspective of psychology, and the other is responsible for writing well. Will power is no longer unclear. Everyone can cultivate will power.

According to the book Willpower, willpower is like a muscle. Regular exercise will enhance willpower, and excessive use will lead to fatigue. This is why people can’t resist temptation at some time.

The book also introduces a series of methods to enhance willpower, explains how to set realistic goals (making a task list is really a science), how to monitor progress (so that you can often reward yourself), and how to firm your faith when shaking.

In today’s world, temptations are everywhere, and human willpower is constantly being tested.

Willpower points out that once we have formed the right habit and found a suitable method, self-control will be easier, and people only need less mental capacity to avoid temptation.

2. The Molecule of More

Global Science Magazine‘s 2021 “Most Beautiful Scientific Reading” List Book

Why did once romantic feelings fade? Why don’t successful people usually feel successful? Why did almost all diet plans fall short? Why do smart people often make terrible and disastrous decisions?

It all depends on dopamine, a single molecular structure in the brain. This chemical substance controls your desire, imagination, impulse and creativity, and affects all aspects of our life unexpectedly.

Our bodies are controlled by “Upward” and “Down” substances. “Down” refers to the neurotransmitters that control the present, which determine our current feelings. “Upward” refers to dopamine, which determines our long-term planning, vision and future expectations.

Because of this, dopamine is not a happy molecule as many people think. It is actually a kind of desire element. While we have gained a lot, we have higher expectations and larger goals.

Dopamine allows us to take a longer view and pursue higher goals, but at the same time, it also makes people have endless desires and do not know how to meet them.

It can not only make you feel the joy of success, but also make it plain. It allows you to enter into a relationship, but it also allows the original deep feelings to be smoothed by the years. It allows you to obtain super long IQ, but it also makes you one step away from madness.

Fully understanding how this substance affects our emotions, decision-making and life can help us fully exert the potential function of our brain, improve efficiency and obtain better performance.

3. Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results

Best 10 Self Discipline Books
Best 10 Self Discipline Books

Micro habits are very small positive behaviors that you need to force yourself to complete every day. Micro habits are too small to fail.

It is precisely because of this feature that it will not impose any burden on you, and it has a super “deceptive” nature, so it has become a very advantageous habit forming strategy.

The scientific principle of micro habit strategy shows the reason why people can’t stick to most mainstream growth strategies for a long time, and also reveals the possibility that people can stick to micro habit strategies for a long time.

When people can’t make the effect of change lasting, they often think that the reason is their own, but in fact, the problem is not their own, but the strategies they adopt.

When you start to use the micro habit strategy to teach you how to do things, it is actually easy to make lasting changes.

4. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Best 10 Self Discipline Books
Best 10 Self Discipline Books

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a book on business management written by Stephen R. Covey, which was first published in 1989.

The book tells about character cultivation and skills of dealing with people. Human morality is composed of habits. Thoughts determine actions, actions determine habits, habits determine morality, morality determines destiny, and habits have an impact on people’s lives.

Because habits are consistent, and unconsciously affect people’s moral character, expose their nature, and influence their success or failure over the years.

The book takes “7 Habits” as the theme frame, and the spirit of innovation promotes the improvement of the first 6 habits. Physical and mental cultivation is the key content.

The book emphasizes that the 7 habits of highly effective people are a whole, and they complement each other.

Individuals should establish goals, conduct personal cultivation, and turn from dependence to independence, so as to achieve “personal success”.

Promote team communication and cooperation by establishing win-win situation, exchanging views and brainstorming.

5. The Power of Habit

Best 10 Self Discipline Books
Best 10 Self Discipline Books

The Power of Habit compares “habit” to a speeding train. Inertia makes people rush forward without stopping. There may be paradise and deep valley ahead, and habit is your steering wheel.

“Habit” is a subconscious activity, just like the programming of various software in the human body. Once it is started, it will be interpreted according to the established procedure.

It is often said that “character decides fate”. Everyone want to have the character to climb to the top. How can We have it? Who can expatiate clearly?

The author said: “Behavior becomes habit, habit develops character, and character determines destiny.”. It turns out that the cornerstone of fate is the act of forming habits.

“Habits” are formed by countless repeated actions, bit by bit, but the results are different. The key step is to take action immediately. The author of this book calls it “the fundamental difference between actors and visionaries”. Push the boat of destiny to the other side of success.

One can form a habit in 21 days.

6. Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

Best 10 Self Discipline Books
Best 10 Self Discipline Books

Minor changes, significant results

Whatever your goal, Atomic Habits provide a proven framework for improvement every day.

James Clear,one of the world’s leading habit forming experts, provided you with concrete tips on how to create healthy habits, kick bad habits, and master small habits that can have major benefits.

If you have difficulty in changing your habits, it’s not your problem. The problem is all with your system – bad habits are repeated because you don’t have the right system in place to change them.

You didn’t reach your goal. Your system level is down. This is a system that can help you achieve more than you thought possible.

James Clear is known for making complex topics easy to understand and apply to everyday life. Here, he drew on the most mature views in biology, psychology and neuroscience to create a simple and good guide, making good habits inevitable and bad habits impossible.

Readers will be inspired and entertained by the true stories of Olympic gold medal winners, award-winning artists, life-saving physicians, and comedians.

This book can help you learn how to:

  • Set aside time for new habits
  • Overcome the lack of motivation and willpower;
  • When you deviate from the course, return to the right track;
  • Design your environment to make success easier;

… and more.

Atomic habits will give you with the strategies and tools that you want to change your habits and rebuild your way of thinking about progress and success.

If you want to achieve any goal, whether it’s for an organization, team, or individual, we can help you achieve it.

The Book win The New York Times bestseller ranked first. More than 4 million copies sold!

7. The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It

Best 10 Self Discipline Books
Best 10 Self Discipline Books

The Willpower Instinct is a popular psychology course at stanford university.

This book provides readers with a clear framework of how self-control works, what self-control is, , and why self-control is important.

As a health psychologist, Dr. Kelly McGonigal‘s job is to help people manage stress and make positive changes in their lives. Over the years, by observing how students control their choices, she realized that many ideas about self-control actually hinder our success.

For example, taking self-control as a virtue may derail a well intentioned goal. Therefore, McGonigal asked her students to understand the physiological basis, psychological traps and various social factors that affect self-control.

McGonigal absorbed insights from psychology, neuroscience, economics and other disciplines, and set up a course called “science of willpower” for Stanford University’s continuing education program.

Those who participated in this course said that they could “change their lives”. This course is the basis of the book The Willpower Instinct .

8. Procrastination: Why You Do It, What to Do About It Now

Best 10 Self Discipline Books
Best 10 Self Discipline Books

From students to scientists, from secretaries to presidents, from housewives to salespeople, the problem of procrastination affects almost everyone.

The two authors of this book have made a careful, detailed and sometimes humorous exploration of procrastination based on their highly praised and groundbreaking procrastination workshop and their rich theories and experience from many fields of psychological counseling.

By identifying and examining the reasons behind our putting things off – the fear of failure, success, control, alienation and attachment, plus our concept of time and the neurological factors in the brain – we have done a very solid foundation work for us to learn how to understand the impulse of procrastination and how to take action in a new way.

The author provides us with a series of solutions to overcome the problem of procrastination, such as achieving goals, managing time, seeking support and dealing with pressure. The solutions they provide are extremely practical and have been tested by practice.

The book also takes into account the contemporary cultural demands of the accelerating pace of work and life, as well as the impact of neurocognitive problems such as attention deficit disorder and executive dysfunction on procrastination.

This book even provides many practical suggestions for people living and working around procrastinators.

9. PEAK: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise

Best 10 Self Discipline Books
Best 10 Self Discipline Books

The famous psychologist Ericsson has devoted himself to the field of “professional expertise and science” for decades and studied a series of expert level figures in industries or fields: chess masters, top violinists, sports stars, memory experts, spelling champions, outstanding doctors, etc.

He found that no matter what industry or field, the most effective methods to improve skills and abilities all follow a series of general principles. He named this general method “deliberate practice”.

For everyone who wants to improve in any industry or field, deliberate practice is the gold standard and the most powerful learning method found so far.

PEAK: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise uses a lot of examples to support the author’s ideas. These examples can help us understand the author’s ideas.

This book also makes us understand the “10000 hour rule” and “natural talent”. We should not be obsessed with 10000 hours. We should pay more attention to the training methods.

With the right training methods, the training time will be greatly shortened in some aspects, so that we can achieve my goals.

The view of natural talent should be changed at the right time. Maybe the talent we see is a hundred times more than the self. If we want to be as outstanding as the genius, we should continue to practice. It is the only way to reduce this difference.

In this era, we should not limit ourselves to our strengths or weaknesses, do what we want to do, and make our path more colorful.

10. Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress

Best 10 Self Discipline Books
Best 10 Self Discipline Books

Getting Things Done is a classic work of time management.

In today’s world, where the amount of information and workload has doubled, some old working methods have lost their usefulness.

Everyone in the workplace has this experience more or less: heavy pressure; too many things are confused; it seems that you are always being chased by various tasks and goals…

David Allen, the master of time management, will guide you out of the quagmire of planning and implementation and lead you to the other side of efficiency and ease. The key to keeping things in order is to be calm and relaxed.

Through Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress , we could learn the principle of “Execution, Assignment, Delay and Abandonment”.

Achieve the perfect management of mails, written materials and all archives.

Reasonably plan and subdivide tasks, so as to put the work on the road of benign and efficient operation.


Plato said: self-discipline is a kind of order, is the control of happiness and desire. The self-discipline of ordinary people will lead to a better life.

The self-discipline of successful people has made them achieve extraordinary success. Only those who are truly self-discipline can control their own life.

Hope the 10 self discipline books can help you succeed.