Best 5 Stranger Things Book List(2023 update)

Best Stranger Things Book
Best Stranger Things Book

Is Stranger Things Book a Book?

Stranger Things is an American sci-fi horror drama created by the Duffer Brothers, who also acted as screenwriters and executive producers alongside Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen.

The first season was released on Netflix on July 15, 2016, and the fifth and final season will be released in February 2022.

Stranger Things has a strong resemblance to a Stephen King horror novel. Many people search on Google “Is Stranger Things a book?” The answer is no, it is not.

The Duffer Brothers drew inspiration from real life. In addition to being inspired by various authors, including Stephen King, the Duffer Brothers also paid attention to the actual events of the MKUltra project—a CIA-led operation focusing on expanding mind control between the 1950s and 1970s.

Eddie Munson is based on Damien Echols, a member of the West Memphis Three, and related to the murder of three 8-year-old children.

The Duffer Brothers also drew inspiration from the real crime documentaries Paradise Lost: The Murder of the Robin Hood Hills Children and Project Montauk.

Who is the author of Stranger Things Book?

Stranger Things Book is not written by one author. There are many authors for diffenet books,such as Gwenda Bond, Jody Houser, Adam Christopher, Keith Champagne, Brenna Yovanoff,A. R. Capetta and son on . About 17 authors in total.

How Many Stranger Things Books are there?

Penguin Random House partnered with Netflix to release a series of books related to Stranger Things, starting in late 2018. These include How to Survive in a Stranger Things World, a children’s book released on November 13, 2018, that offers “advice, wisdom, and warnings” from Stranger Things.

They have also published the behind-the-scenes book Stranger Things: The World Reverses: The Behind the Scenes Assistant (released on October 30, 2018), and a two-in-one Hawkins High School Yearbook/Hawkins High School Yearbook (released on March 26, 2019).

There are 5 stranger things novel books publisher since then, Now let us introduce the most popular Stranger Things Books in order.

Best Seller Stranger Things Book in Order

1. The First Official Stranger Things Novel : Suspicious Minds (February 5, 2019)

Suspicious Minds
Suspicious Minds

Suspicious Minds is the first official novel of Stranger Things, written by Gwenda Bond and published on February 5, 2019.

The story takes place in the summer of 1969, with the reverberations of the conflict between the Vietnam War and the protests in Washington felt across the country, particularly among American youth. As a student at a quiet college campus in the heart of Indiana, Terry Ives is not far from the front lines.

But the world is changing, and Terry is not content to watch. When news of an important government experiment in Hawkins Town spreads, she finds herself at the center of the project, codenamed MKULTRA. In a remote laboratory deep in the forest, Terry is determined to solve the mystery.

Behind the walls of the Hawkins National Laboratory and the watchful eye of the director, Dr. Martin Brenner, lurks an even larger conspiracy. As she confronts this reality, Terry must enlist the help of other test subjects.

Suspicious Minds is the prequel to Stranger Things, and the story focuses on Eleven’s mother Terry Ives. Whether you’re a fan of Stranger Things or new to the series, it’s an easy story to get invested in. Terry and her friends are lovable characters.

The story takes place during the Vietnam War. But there’s a mysterious story that makes the plot even more intriguing.

This book is sure to appeal to fans of Stranger Things and new to the series. and it has a good balance between the new story and the Stranger Things universe.

2. Darkness on the Edge of Town (May 28, 2019)

Darkness on the Edge of Town
Darkness on the Edge of Town

Darkness on the Edge of Town is the second book of the Stranger Things series, written by New Zealand author Adam Christopher on May 28, 2019, which focuses on our favorite policeman Jim Hopper.

The story happened around Christmas in 1984. Eleven found a box of old Hopper souvenirs in his cabin. In this box, there is a pile of information about a case when he was a homicide detective in the New York Police Department. Eleven almost begged Hopper to tell her the story behind her, and he finally agreed.

There are two timelines: in 1984, we caught a glimpse of Hopper’s hut, but most of the stories are about 1977 when he solved a series of strange murders in New York.

In the summer of 1977 in New York City, Hopper set out again after returning from Vietnam. A young daughter, a considerate wife, and a new New York Police detective make it easy for you to return to civilian life.

But after the mysterious federal agents suddenly appeared and seized the files of a series of brutal and unresolved murders, Hopper took the matter into his own hands and risked everything to find the truth.

Soon Hopper was undercover in New York’s notorious street gangs. But just when he was about to solve the case, a big power outage swept across all administrative regions, and Hopper fell into a darker situation than he had ever faced before.

3. Runaway Max(June 4, 2019)

Runaway Max
Runaway Max

After the successful launch of Stranger Things, fans praised the exciting and emotional film! This is the third book in the Stranger Things’ expanding universe, written by best-selling author Brenna Yovanoff of the New York Times, which was released on June 4, 2019.

As the title implies, it explores Max’s past and recreates the events seen in the second season, but seen through her eyes; it is a blend of prequel and retelling.

Max faced bullies, freshmen at school, and monsters with boldness and courage. This must-read novel is adapted from the Netflix hit Stranger Things, telling of Max’s past, good and bad alike. It introduces our favorite new gang members in an exciting season.

This book is a fast read, best appreciated by fans of the show. Though it is about Max, I think it is also a great character book for Billy.

We saw some of his motivations in the third season of the series, but in this book, we explore his rebellious teenage ways more deeply.

Since this book focuses more on Max’s life, fans will recognize a few familiar scenes, particularly those with Steve in the garbage dump, and feel joy in them.

4. Stranger Things: Rebel Robin (May 3, 2022)

Stranger Things: Rebel Robin
Stranger Things: Rebel Robin

Rebel Robin is a young adult novel written by A.R. Capetta. The novel describes in detail Robin Buckley’s struggle to accept his identity before the third season event.

It is the fourth book in the Stranger Things series, set to be released on June 29, 2021.

High school is a monster that is consuming everyone Robin knows. It’s the beginning of Robin’s sophomore year, and the friends in their eccentric group are getting married and obsessing over college and future careers, wanting to be normal.

Robin is used to pretending that no one notices her – the ironic, multilingual French horn player with a bad perm at the back of the room. But in one aspect of her identity, Robin is attracted to girls.

The book is written in the first person, which feels strange to me. I think the third person would feel more natural, as I’m used to seeing Robin from an external perspective rather than from inside her head. Sometimes, the voice in the book doesn’t feel quite like the character.

Additionally, since this is a prequel, readers already know that Robin is gay. It might make more sense for her to realize this earlier in the story, rather than feeling rushed at the end when she starts caring less about fitting in and decides to just be true to herself.

5. Stranger Things: Lucas on the Line( July 26,2022)

Lucas on the Line
Lucas on the Line

This is the latest book in the Stranger Things series. The author is Suyi Davies, the New York Times best-selling writer of Happy Black Boys, which was released on July 26, 2022.

This book explores love and identity in the beloved Stranger Things world from the perspective of Lucas Sinclair.

The adventure of Stranger Things continues at the end of the third season, and this book tells the story of Lucas Sinclair in his own words.

This is my favorite Stranger Things book. It contains so much content that should be part of the reality show. Lucas explores his feelings about becoming black in the predominantly white Hawkins team, his desire to join the basketball team, and his relationship with Max in a very interesting way.

The first three seasons of the book occur between the third season and the fourth season, mainly focusing on Lucas entering high school, becoming friends with Jay (another black student at Hawkins High School), and dealing with school bullying and racism.

The last section of the book overlaps with the beginning of season 4. I like the ending, especially when Lucas gets along with the athletes, and we get to see more of his perspective. However, sometimes it feels a little too much like a replay of the scene in the show.

If you like Stranger Things, this is a book worth reading. It provides an in-depth look at Lucas’ experiences, which should be shown on screen.