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A Girl's Story
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A Girl’s Story (French Edition: Mémoire de fille by Annie Ernaux)

In the book A Girl’s Story, Annie Ernaux reviewed her experience as a summer camp instructor in Normandy in the summer of 1958 and told about her first night with a man.

A Woman's Story
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A Woman’s Story (French Edition: Une Femme by Annie Ernaux)

A Woman’s Story is Annie Ernaux’s touching account of mother and daughter, youth and aging, dream and reality.

Getting Lost
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Getting Lost (French Edition: Se perdre by Annie Ernaux)

Getting Lost is a diary written by Annie Ernaux for one and a half years. She had a secret relationship with a young married Russian diplomat

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Happening (French Edition: L’Evénement by Annie Ernaux)

In the book Happening, Ernaux carefully combed his memory and diary entries of those days. Obviously, she clearly understood the significance of her experience.

Simple Passion
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Simple Passion (French Edition: Passion simple by Annie Ernaux)

Simple Passion is a book that talks about the desire and shame of a human soul trapped in passion with Annie Ernaux’s simple and plain style

The Years
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The Years (French Edition: Les Années by Annie Ernaux)

The Years won the “Duras Prize for Literature” in France after it published

The Match
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The Match (by Harlan Coben)

The Match is the latest work of Harlan Coben, it was published on March 15, 2022.

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Win (by Harlan Coben)

Win is the No.1 New York Times bestselling thrilling story,which was written by Harlan Coben, this book tell about what happened when the secret of a dead man fell into…

Stay Close
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Stay Close (by Harlan Coben)

Stay Close is a fascinating mystery mystery novel, and also a wonderful American blockbuster narrative work.

Six Years
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Six Years (by Harlan Coben)

Six Years is the mystery novel of the famous contemporary American writer Harlan Coburn. The plot of Six Years is exciting, and the language is concise and fluent, which perfectly expresses the author’s creative intention.