Frankenstein (Mary Shelley)



ISBN: 9780451532244Number of Pages: 272
Publisher: SignetBook Title: Frankenstein
Publication Year: 2013Target Audience: Trade
Author: Mary ShelleyReading Age: 18+


Frankenstein is a story about artificial life in the ancient century. Frankenstein, with the calmness and madness of a scientist and the unpredictable alchemist, must first turn to death to study the amazing secret of the origin of life.

Frankenstein had created an ugly monster after countless explorations. At first, the artificial monster was kind-hearted and longed for human rights, but it is hated and discriminated against by its creator and people everywhere.

Driven by revenge, he created a series of strange murders. Frankenstein was determined to destroy the monster he created after he lost his brother, wife and best friend…

This novel written by Mary Shelley, wife of the British romantic poet Shelley, and finished in 1818, it is considered to be the real science fiction in the upper part of the world.

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About the Author

Mary Shelley (1797-1851) is a famous British novelist, she is the wife of Shelley, a famous romantic poet. Frankenstein, the first real science fiction in the West, is also known as “one of the greatest horror works in history”. Mary Shelley is known as the mother of science fiction, and Frankenstein has become a synonym for “terror” in English.

Frankenstein is one of the classic images of Hollywood. This sad and terrible story has more films than any other story in the world.

It is an idol film with great influence. It really ensures that horror films become the influential classic type films in Hollywood.

The monster in the novel has also become a well-known mask image in the West and is widely popular on Halloween. Many horror and fantasy works of later generations have constantly drawn inspiration from them, making the images of classic stories constantly updated.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction ; Suggestions for further reading / by Charlotte Gordon
  • Frankenstein : the 1818 text
  • How to read Frankenstein ; Chronology ; Suggested further reading / by Charles E. Robinson
  • Introduction to Frankenstein, third edition (1831) / by Mary Shelley
  • The creation of Eve–Genesis 2:18-25, King James Bible
  • “Prometheus” / by Lord Byron
  • Mary Shelley’s Letter I, Hôtel de Sécheron, Geneva, May 17, 1816
  • Excerpts from A vindication of the rights of woman / by Mary Wollstonecraft
  • Mary Shelley’s diary entry, March 19, 1815.