Getting Lost (French Edition: Se perdre by Annie Ernaux)

Getting Lost
Getting Lost


ISBN: 9781644212196Number of Pages: 240
Publisher:  Publisher Seven Stories PressBook Title: Getting Lost
Publication Year: 2022Target Audience: Trade
Author: Annie ErnauxReading Age: 18+


Getting Lost is a diary written by Annie Ernaux for one and a half years. She had a secret relationship with a young married Russian diplomat. Her novel Simple Passion based on this, but her writing is direct and unfiltered in this book.

Her lover fled the city and met her there. Ernaux seemed to survive when he expected these encounters. She said: “His desire for me is the only thing I can be sure of”. She lives just to feel the desire and the next date. When he left, her desire faded, and she felt closer to death.

Here, Ernaux is praised for her concise prose. She has removed all skills, and her work has been cut to the most bare and vulnerable part. Like any book she wrote, Getting Lost is about a strong and successful woman who seduces a man but loses herself in love and desire.

About the Author

The Years by Annie Ernaux
Annie Ernaux

Annie Ernaux grew up in the working class. In 1960, she became a reciprocal student and studied in London, England. At the same time, she began to write her first novel. She studied at the University of Rouen and the University of Bordeaux in France.

In 1967, she became a middle school teacher. In 1974, she published her first novel, Les Armoires vides

In 1977, she worked at the French Distance Education Center. In 1983, she published the autobiographical novel The Possession and won the Le Nodo Literature Award the following year.

In 1987, she published the novel A Woman’s Story. In 1992, she published the novel Simple Passion. In 1997, she published the novel Shame

In 2000, she retired from the French Distance Education Center. In the same year, she published the novel La Vie extérieure.

In 2003, she published the novel Happening. In 2009, she published the novel The Years, which was rated as one of the “20 outstanding works of the year” by the French magazine “Reading“, and was awarded the Best Foreign Novel of the 21st Century 2009 by the People’s Literature Publishing House.

At 13:00 local time on October 6, 2022, in Stockholm, Sweden, the Swedish Academy awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2022 to French writer Annie Ernaux. You can find more infomation in The Nobel Prize in Literature List.

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