Head First Design Patterns

Head First Design Patterns
Head First Design Patterns


ISBN: 9780596007126Number of Pages: 694
Publisher: O’reillyBook Title: Head First Design Patterns(a Brain-Friendly Guide)
Publication Year: 2004Target Audience: Scholarly & Professional
Author: Eric FreemanFormat: Perfect


The Book Head First Design Patterns can be used as a transitional learning for absolute beginners, it can also be used as advanced learning. This book is an easy-to-understand guide to design patterns. This book uses C# and Java with the help of real-life examples and picture demonstrations, it explain the concepts comprehensively and programming applications of the 23 design patterns of grass and GOF (GOF is the four authors of the classic design patterns: elements of reusable object-oriented software . They are Elich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson and John Vlissides. These four people are often called gang of four, or GOF for short. )

The author helps you understand the ideas and essence of design patterns, and apply them to your own development process.

The whole book uses two chapters to make a basic introduction to design patterns and grasp, and explains three design patterns: for each pattern, first give a definition, then use a real-world example to illustrate the application of the pattern by analogy, and then use C# and Java code to illustrate the architecture and implementation of the pattern. In the last chapter, two design pattern synthesis cases are given, which provide a good learning environment for readers to practice design patterns. The appendix arranges self-test questions and answers for readers to practice and test the learning effect.

About the Author

Eric Freeman is a computer scientist and got his PhD from Yale University. Eric was CTO of Disney Online & Disney.com department. She is a software engineer, writer and trainer. Since she was a student at Yale University, she has been crazy about technology. At Yale University, she received a master’s degree in computer science. You can find more infomation here.

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Table of Contents

Praise for Head First Design Patterns
How to Use This Book: Intro
Chapter 1: Intro to Design Patterns: Welcome to Design Patterns
Chapter 2: The Observer Pattern: Keeping your Objects in the know
Chapter 3: The Decorator Pattern: Decorating Objects
Chapter 4: The Factory Pattern: Baking with OO Goodness
Chapter 5: The Singleton Pattern: One of a Kind Objects
Chapter 6: The Command Pattern: Encapsulating Invocation
Chapter 7: The Adapter and Facade Patterns: Being Adaptive
Chapter 8: The Template Method Pattern: Encapsulating Algorithms
Chapter 9: The Iterator and Composite Patterns: Well-Managed Collections
Chapter 10: The State Pattern: The State of Things
Chapter 11: The Proxy Pattern: Controlling Object Access
Chapter 12: Compound Patterns: Patterns of Patterns
Chapter 13: Better Living with Patterns: Patterns in the Real World Leftover Patterns Mighty Gumball

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