Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness
Heart of Darkness


ISBN: 9781673303056Number of Pages: 106
Publisher: Independently publishedBook Title: Heart of Darkness
Publication Year: 2019Target Audience: Trade
Author: Joseph ConradReading Age: 12+


Heart of Darkness is one of the main works of Joseph Conrad, who is a British Polish writer. It is considered to be the first true modernist novel in the history of English literature.

In this novel, the author has made profound reflections on the theme of human civilization and human nature.

Heart of Darkness records the story of the Congo River told by Captain Marlowe on a seaboat docked outside London.

In addition to Marlowe‘s experience in Africa when he was young, this story mainly tells us a white colonist named Kurz whom he met in Africa. He is an idealist and decided to bring “civilization and progress” to Africa, and later degenerated into a greedy colonist.

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About the Author

Joseph Conrad was born in Poland on December 3, 1857, he spent his childhood in a family of the upper class. Later he fled to Marseilles, where he had worked on many boats.

When he was a sailor on an English ship, he only knew 6 English words. Twenty years later, he became a world famous writer who wrote in English.

Lord Jim (1900) and The Mysterious Participant (1912) are typical of Conrad’s characters. They are people who are fighting alone in a crazy world.

He is proficient in English and good at sailing. He devoted all his love to the book describing sailors.

The Heart of Darkness (1902), which describes sailing on the mysterious Congo River, is his most prestigious novel. On August 3, 1924, Joseph Conrad died at the age of 67.

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Table of Contents

General Preface
1. Introduction
2. Heart of Darkness
The Story Outline
3. Contexts
3.1 The Historical Background
3.2 The Autobiographical Background

4. Detailed Critical Analysis of the Title and the Text
4.1 Part One
4.2 Part Two
4.3 Part Three
5. Issues
6. Characters in Heart of Darkness
7. Conrad on Fiction and His Critics