How to Drink Wine

How to Drink Wine


ISBN: 9781984824684Number of Pages: 160
Publisher: Clarkson PotterBook Title: How to Drink Wine
Publication Year: 2020Target Audience: Wine Lovers
Author: Chris Stang, Grant ReynoldsReading Age: 16+


If you just want to have a glass of wine to relax and don’t want to be an expert, then this book How to Drink Wine is enough. As its name suggests, the book makes people want to have a drink all the way.

It is a good introduction to wine knowledge, and the style and illustrations in the book are also very lovely. There are 29 kinds of wine introductions to help you understand the year, sweetness, capacity and other information on the wine label, as well as the basic wine matching methods.

This book teaches us how to drink wine and how to choose wine. The book is very valuable, the words are funny and humorous, and the layout design looks comfortable and beautiful.

After reading this book, you can master the basic knowledge of wine, and the wine world is no longer strange

The whole book explains wine knowledge from 8 aspects in layers, which is comprehensive and easy to understand

Mandatory terms

✅ Wine body: the feeling and richness of the wine after being tasted
✅ Wooden cork smell: It is not the chip smell of cork, but a kind of bacteria parasitic on cork, which tastes like dirty socks.
✅ Tannins: naturally occurring compounds that can take away the bitter taste of wine. The taste is that the cheek, gums and teeth stick together. It marks the length of time a bottle of wine has been stored in the cellar.

Common problems of wine

✅ How is wine made?
✅ Why does sparkling wine produce bubbles?
✅ How to store wine?
✅ What is the best drinking temperature?
✅ How to taste wine

This book also introduces important wine producing areas, favorite producers, wine matching, how to understand the wine label, how to go to a wine shop or restaurant, and how to do it..

A tasting note is attached to the book. If we happen to drink a wine, we can make a record in this tasting note. Record the name, type, sweetness and flavor of the wine… whether the wine meets your taste can also be recorded. You can also read it when you need it in the future.

The books is best for beginners ,if you want to learn more about wines, you can see this topic Best Wine Books Review

About the Author

Grant Reynolds is an award-winning sommelier. In 2017, he was selected into Forbes’ list of “30 outstanding young people under the age of 30”, and in 2013, he was named the best new sommelier by Wine and Spirits magazine.

He is also the owner of the wine shop Parselle and the partner of three restaurants in New York City. Grant Reynolds has been listed in Good Appetite, Gentlemen’s Quarterly, Conde Nast Traveler, Fashion and other magazines, and has written articles on wine for the World of Luxury.

Chris Stang is the co-founder and CEO of Intoxicated Food, which is one of the fastest growing restaurant search platforms in the world. Since the establishment of the company in 2009, he has been the creative vision planner of the brand, attracting millions of loyal audiences.

In 2015, Chris was nominated for the James Beard Humor Writer Award, and in 2019, he was called The most influential restaurant commentator in America by the Financial Times.

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Table of Contents

Mandatory Terminology
Non mainstream issues
Origin Overview
Some things you need to know
29 Wines You Need to Know
Our favorite manufacturers
Why should we know these knowledges
Turning knowledge into social capital
Wine matching
Choose wine to set off life rather than match dishes
What to do next