Implementing Domain-Driven Design

Implementing Domain-Driven Design
Implementing Domain-Driven Design


ISBN: 9780321834577Number of Pages: 656
Publisher: Addison-Wesley ProfessionalBook Title: Implementing Domain-Driven Design
Publication Year: 2013Target Audience: Scholarly & Professional
Author: Vaughn VernonFormat: Trade Paperback


Domain Driven Design (DDD) teaches us how to do a good job in software and how to better use Object-Oriented technology. It provides us with a new perspective for designing software, but also leaves developers with a big problem: how to put domain driven design into practice? Vaughn Vernon‘s book Implementing Domain Driven Design gives us a comprehensive answer.

Implementing Domain Driven Design discusses in detail how to implement DDD from the strategic and tactical levels, including a large number of best practices, design guidelines and neutral discussions on some issues. Implementing Domain Driven Design is divided into 14 chapters.

In the DDD strategy part, this book explains the domain, bounded context, context mapping and architecture. The tactical part includes entities, value objects, domain services, domain events, aggregation and resource libraries. A fictional case study runs through the whole book, which is very useful for explaining the DDD implementation with examples.

About the Author

Vaughn Vernon is an experienced software craftsman with more than 25 years of experience in software design, development and architecture. He advocated simplifying the design and implementation of software by innovation.

From the 1980s, he began to use object-oriented language for programming, In the early 1990s, he applied DDD(Domain Driven Design) in domain modeling. At that time, he used Smalltalk language. He has experience in many business fields, including aviation, environment, geography, insurance, medicine and telecommunications.

At the same time, Vaughn has also achieved great success in technology, including developing reusable frameworks and class libraries. He provides software consulting and lectures all over the world. In addition, he also teaches the course Implementing Domain Driven Design in many countries.

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Table of Contents

Getting Grounded, Getting Airborne
Landing with Domain-Driven Design
Mapping the Terrain and Charting for Flight
Summary of Chapters
Chapter 1: Getting Started with DDD
Chapter 2: Domains, Subdomains, and Bounded Contexts
Chapter 3: Context Maps
Chapter 4: Architecture
Chapter 5: Entities
Chapter 6: Value Objects
Chapter 7: Services
Chapter 8: Domain Events
Chapter 9: Modules
Chapter 10: Aggregates
Chapter 11: Factories
Chapter 12: Repositories
Chapter 13: Integrating Bounded Contexts
Chapter 14: Application

Appendix A: Aggregates and Event Sourcing: A+ES
Java and Development Tools
About the Author
Guide to This Book
Big-Picture View of DDD
Strategic Modeling
Tactical Modeling

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