Inside the Java 2 Virtual Machine

Inside the Java Virtual Machine (2th Edition)
Inside the Java 2 Virtual Machine


ISBN: 9780071350938Number of Pages: 703
Publisher: McGraw-Hill OsborneBook Title: Inside the Java 2 Virtual Machine
Publication Year: 2000Target Audience: Scholarly & Professional
Author: Bill VennersFormat: Trade Paperback


The author of this book has won the excellent author award selected by the professional technology magazine Java Report for this book. Careful readers can find many praise for the first edition of this book on the Internet.

The author deeply reveals the internal working principle of Java Virtual Machine(JVM) in an easy way. Understanding these contents in depth will be of great benefit to readers to write more efficient programs faster!

Inside the Java 2 Virtual Machine is divided into 20 chapters. Chapters 1-4 explain the architecture of Java virtual machine, including Java stack, heap, method area, execution engine, etc; Chapter 5-20 describes the internal details of Java technology in depth, including garbage collection, Java security model, Java connection model and dynamic extension mechanism, class files, operations and process control, etc. Chapter 6 and appendix a-c security can be used as reference manuals for class files and instruction sets.

The book also comes with a CD-ROM, which contains interactive sample applets and sample source code to help explain the content of the text.

About the Author

Bill Venners has more then 15 years of experience in writing software monographs. He provides software consulting and training services in Silicon Valley’s Artima software company. Since 1996, he has written more than 40 articles on Java technology. He set up a special column in Java World Magazine to introduce the internal details of Java, Object-Oriented design technology and Java Intelligent Network Infrastructure(JINI). He is also the author and administrator of

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to Java’s Architecture.
Chapter 2 Platform Independence.
Chapter 3 Security.
Chapter 4 Network Mobility.
Chapter 5 The Java Virtual Machine.
Chapter 6 The Java Class File.
Chapter 7 The Lifetime of a Type.
Chapter 8 The Linking Model.
Chapter 9 Garbage Collection.
Chapter 10 Stack and Local Variable Operations.
Chapter 11 Type Conversion.
Chapter 12 Integer Arithmetic.
Chapter 13 Logic.
Chapter 14 Floating Point Arithmetic.
Chapter 15 Objects and Arrays.
Chapter 16 Control Flow.
Chapter 17 Exceptions.
Chapter 18 Finally Clauses.
Chapter 19 Method Invocation and Return.
Chapter 20 Thread Synchronization.

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