Introduction to Java Programming and Data Structures, Comprehensive Version (12th Edition)

Introduction to Java Programming and Data Structures


ISBN: 9780135166307Number of Pages: 1232 
Publisher: Pearson EducationBook Title: Introduction to Java Programming and Data Structures, Comprehensive Version
Publication Year: 2017Target Audience: College Audience
Author: Y. Daniel LiangFormat: Trade Paperback


Intro to Java Programming has been selected as a teaching material by universities all over the world. It has sold very well for more than 20 years worldwide. The 12th edition is updated according to Java 9-11.

This book is a classic book to the Java language. It introduces the basics of program design, object-oriented program design, GUI program design, data structure and algorithm, advanced Java program design and so on.

This book provides lots of example codes, explains problem-solving skills through examples, and each chapter is equipped with many review questions and exercises to help readers master programming techniques and learn to apply the learned techniques to solve problems encountered in actual development.

It mainly introduces basic program design, syntax structure, object-oriented program design, inheritance and polymorphism, exception handling and I / O, abstract classes and interfaces. This book can be used as a teaching material for computer related professional programming courses in Colleges and universities, as well as a reference material for Java Coders.

Recommend This book is Best Java Books for Absolute Beginners

This book is more basic than Core Java. If you have some difficulty reading Java core technology, I suggest you start with this book.

About the Author

Y. Daniel Liang is now a professor of computer science at Atlanta State University in Armstrong. He was a Tenured professor of Purdue University, and he won the outstanding Research Award of Purdue University twice. His Java tutorials are highly adopted in the Java courses by universities in the world, and he is also the editor of Prentice Hall’s java series. He is the honorary winner of the Java Champion and he often gives lectures to students and programmers on Java programming around the world.

Intro to Java Programming PDF version is avaliable Later ,Please come back soon.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction to Computers, Programs, and Java
2 Elementary Programming
3 Selections
4 Mathematical Functions, Characters, and Strings
5 Loops 6 Methods
7 Single-Dimensional Arrays
8 Multidimensional Arrays
9 Objects and Classes
10 Object-Oriented Thinking
11 Inheritance and Polymorphism
12 Exception Handling and Text I/O 13 Abstract Classes and Interfaces
14 JavaFX Basics 15 Event-Driven Programming and Animations
16 JavaFX UI Controls and Multimedia 17 Binary I/O 18 Recursion
19 Generics 20 Lists, Stacks, Queues, and Priority Queues
21 Sets and Maps 22 Developing Efficient Algorithms
23 Sorting
24 Implementing Lists, Stacks, Queues, and Priority Queues
25 Binary Search Trees
26 AVL Trees
27 Hashing
28 Graphs and Applications
29 Weighted Graphs and Applications
30 Aggregate Operations for Collection Streams

31-44 are available from the Companion Website at
31 Advanced JavaFX and FXML
32 Multithreading and Parallel Programming
33 Networking
34 Java Database Programming
35 Advanced Database Programming
36 Internationalization
37 Servlets
38 JavaServer Pages
39 JavaServer Faces
40 RMI
41 Web Services
42 2-4 Trees and B-Trees
43 Red-Black Trees
44 Testing Using JUnit


  • Appendix A Java Keywords
  • Appendix B The ASCII Character Set
  • Appendix C Operator Precedence Chart
  • Appendix D Java Modifiers
  • Appendix E Special Floating-Point Values
  • Appendix F Number Systems
  • Appendix G Bitwise Operations
  • Appendix H Regular Expressions
  • Appendix I Enumerated types Bonus Chapters

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