Jane Eyre (Charlotte Bronte)

Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre


ISBN: 9780141441146Number of Pages: 624
Publisher: Penguin ClassicsBook Title: Jane Eyre
Publication Year: 2006Target Audience: Trade
Author: Charlotte BronteReading Age: 18+


Jane Eyre is a novel created by Charlotte Bronte, a British woman writer.

Jane Eyre tells about an orphan daughter Jane Eyre whose parents died when she was young. She was fostered at her aunt’s house and was abused. Later, her aunt sent her to Lowood School. The environment of the school was bad, but she survived tenaciously. Two years after graduation, Jane was employed as a tutor to make a living.

The owner Rochester is melancholy and moody, but after a long time of contact, Jane finds Rochester is kind-hearted, honest and resolute, and gradually has feelings for him. When they were married in the church, Jane found that Rochester had a crazy wife, Bertha Antoinette Mason. Jane left sadly.

Later, her uncle John Eyre, who had been separated from her for many years, died of illness and bequeathed her a huge fortune. Unable to forget Rochester, she returned to her hometown. Only then did she know that the mad woman died of arson several months ago.

Rochester was smashed out of one eye to save her, and the other eye was also inflamed and could not see. Jane immediately confided her love to him, and they finally got married. Later, Rochester cured an eye in London and gave birth to a boy with Jane Eyre.

Jane Eyre’s pursuit of life in Jane Eyre has two basic melodies: full of passion, fantasy, resistance and perseverance. The desire for freedom and happiness in the world and the pursuit of a higher spiritual realm.

The theme of this novel is to successfully portray a female image who is not content with the status quo, unwilling to be humiliated, and dare to fight through the bumpy life experience of an orphan girl, reflecting the call and condemnation of an ordinary soul, and the desire of a lowercase person to become a capital person.

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About the Author

Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855), an English novelist, was born in a poor pastor’s family and studied in a boarding school before becoming a teacher and tutor.

In 1847, Charlotte Bronte published the famous novel Jane Eyre, which caused a sensation in the literary world.

From the autumn of 1848 to 1849, her brother and two sisters died one after another. Under the shadow and confusion of death, she insisted on completing the book Shelly, expressing her grief for her sister Emily, and describing the spontaneous labor movement in early England.

Her other works are Villette (1853) and Teacher (1857), both of which are based on her own life experience.

Charlotte Bronte is good at describing natural scenery with lyrical brushwork, and her works have strong emotional color.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction / Heather Glen
  • 1. Jane Eyre and ‘The Warped System of Things’ / Doreen Roberts
  • 2. Jane Eyre’s Interior Design / Karen Chase
  • 3. Charlotte Bronte: Feminine Heroine / Elaine Showalter
  • 4. Jane Eyre Class-ified / Jina Politi
  • 5. Colonialism and the Figurative Strategy of Jane Eyre / Susan Meyer
  • 6. Jane Eyre / Penny Boumelha
  • 7. Dreaming of Children: Literalisation in Jane Eyre / Margaret Homans
  • 8. The Anathematised Race: The Governess and Jane Eyre / Mary Poovey
  • 9. Femininity – Missing in Action / Elisabeth Bronfen
  • 10. Charlotte Bronte’s ‘Tale Half-Told’: The Disruption of Narrative Structure in Jane Eyre / Peter Allan Dale
  • 11. Closing the Book: The Intertextual End of Jane Eyre / Carolyn Williams.