King Lear (William Shakespeare)

King Lear
King Lear


ISBN: 9780743482769Number of Pages: 384
Publisher: Simon & SchusterBook Title: King Lear
Publication Year: 2004Target Audience: Trade
Author: William ShakespeareReading Age: 12+


King Lear is a play created by William Shakespeare and is one of his four tragedies. The story originates from an ancient legend in England. The story took place around the 8th century.

The story tells that after King Lear abdicated, his eldest daughter and second daughter drove him to the wilderness and became the third daughter of the Queen of France, who led the army to save his father, but was killed. King Lear died sadly beside her.

The main clue tells that King Lear of ancient Britain was so old and stupid that he wanted to divide the land among his three daughters according to his love for him.

The eldest daughter, Gaonaril, and the second daughter, Reagan, both cajoled the old man with sweet talk, but the youngest daughter, Cordelia, told the truth and said, “I love you only according to my reputation, no more, no less”.

Lear was angrily and married her to France, and divided the land equally between the two hypocritical daughters. However, he was mercilessly snubbed by the two daughters. In anger, he ran to the wilderness in the storm and joined Edgar, who disguised as a crazy beggar.

Later, the youngest daughter set up a crusade from France, and finally met her father. The British and French armies fought, and the French army was defeated. Caudilia was captured, and soon was hanged by Edmund. Lear died crazily with her body in grief and anger.

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About the Author

William Shakespeare (April 23, 1564 – April 23, 1616), is a playwright and poet in the English Renaissance. It is known as “Zeus on Mount Olympus”.

On April 23, 1564, Shakespeare was born in Stratford, Warwickshire, England. From 1571 to 1579, he entered the Stratford Grammar School. In 1587, he began his acting career and try to write scripts.

In 1591, his plays Henry VI, Part II and Henry VI Part III premiered. In 1592, the drama Richard III was first performed. In 1595, his plays Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream premiered.

In 1596, the drama Merchant of Venice was performed for the first time. In 1601, the play Hamlet was first performed, which attracted the attention of the literary world.

In 1603, the drama Othello was performed for the first time. In 1605, the drama King Lear was performed for the first time. In 1606, the play Macbeth was performed for the first time.

In 1614, he left London and returned to his hometown. On April 23, 1616, he died in his hometown.

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Table of Contents

Characters in the play
Act I

  • Scene 1 Middle Hall of Lear Palace
  • The second scene The hall in Earl Gloucester’s castle
  • Scene 3 The first room in the duchy of Albany
  • Scene 4 The Central Hall of the Duchy of Albany
  • Scene 5 The Court of the Duke of Albany

Act II

  • The first scene The inner court of Earl Gloucester’s castle
  • Scene 2 In front of Gloucester Castle
  • Scene 3 A Place in the Wilderness
  • Scene 4 In front of Gloucester Castle

Act Three

  • The First Wild Scene
  • Another part of the second wilderness
  • Scene 3 A room in Gloucester Castle
  • Scene 4 Before Wild Cottage
  • Scene 5 One Room in Gloucester Castle
  • Scene 6 A room in a farmhouse adjacent to the castle
  • Scene 7 One Room in Gloucester Castle

Act IV

  • The First Wild Scene
  • Scene 2 In front of the Duchy of Albany
  • Scene 3 French Army Camp near Dover
  • Scene 4 Same as the previous curtain
  • Scene 5 One Room in Gloucester Castle
  • Scene 6 Countryside near Dover
  • Scene 7 French Army Camp

Act Five

  • Scene 1 British Army Camp near Dover
  • Field between the two army camps