Little Blue Truck’s Halloween: A Halloween Book for Kids

Little Blue Truck’s Halloween: A Halloween Book for Kids


ISBN: 9780544772533Number of Pages: 16
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyBook Title: Little Blue Truck’s Halloween
Publication Year: 2016Target Audience: Juvenile Audience
Author: Alice SchertleFormat: Children’s Board Books


The story takes place on a muddy country road. The little blue truck, the protagonist, drives all the way and warmly greets every animal friend passing by with a beep sound. Frogs, sheep, cows, piglets, chickens, ducks and horses, and a series of farm animals that children love to see and hear appear one by one. The originally quiet path became noisy immediately in their chirping.

“Bleep!” the blue pickup truck is so polite: it will greet toads, cattle, horses and other animals on the road. But the dumper is too arrogant. It not only ignores others, but also takes advantage of its big size to get ahead of others. As a result, it accidentally gets stuck in the mud. He shouted and shouted, but no one came to help him. At this time, the Little Blue Truck rushed into the mire… The friendly blue small truck and the dumper that nobody love formed a sharp contrast, making the children understand that friendship can make the relationship between people more harmonious. Be kind to others, and you will be more welcome and happy.

In the 6 years since its publication, Little Blue Truck’s Halloween has been ranked high in the list of children’s books for early education. In the interesting stories, a variety of animals constantly appear, and a large number of onomatopoeic words appear, which is especially in line with the cognitive interests of children at young ages and easily mobilize the positive emotions of reading.

Finally, the sentence “Now I see a lot depends on a helping hand from a few good friends” shows the spirit of the book – now I understand that many things depend to a large extent on the help of good friends.

Because of the author’s profound knowledge in the field of poetry, every rhyme in the text of the book is as catchy as a poem, especially suitable for parents to read to young children. The vivid shapes of pickup trucks and automatic unloading trucks are sure to be popular with many “car fans” children, especially young boys. It is believed that the compact plot will also deeply attract children, making them eager to know the progress and ending of the story.

Editor’s Picks

  • picture books where young babies can hear stories from beginning to end
  • let children know that friendliness can bring good popularity, enthusiasm to help others, and they will be happier
  • recognize animals, sounds and colors in stories
  • ranked high in the list of children’s books for early education, with sales of 1.6 million copies
  • American children’s Library Association designated reading poster: subject Keywords: picture books, fictional stories, trucks, animals, friendship, compassion

About the Author

Alice Schertle is American children’s book writer. He was born in Los Angeles in 1941, he graduated from the University of Southern California. Since 1975, he has created more than 60 children’s books, among which Little Blue Truck is a well-known book. Since its publication for 7 years, it has been among the top Children’s Books in the United States and is the designated reading material of the American Children’s Library Association.

Shettle often draws inspiration from nature and children’s lives, and is good at creating in rhymes. The words are lively and catchy. His works have won many awards such as the Picture Book Award of the American Library Association, the Oppenheim platinum Book Award, and the Christopher Award.

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