Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results (by Stephen Guise)

Micro Habits
Micro Habits


ISBN: 9781494882273Number of Pages: 126
Publisher: CreateSpaceBook Title: Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results
Publication Year: 2013Target Audience: Trade
Author: Stephen GuiseReading Age: 18+


Micro habits are very small positive behaviors that you need to force yourself to complete every day. Micro habits are too small to fail.

It is precisely because of this feature that it will not impose any burden on you, and it has a super “deceptive” nature, so it has become a very advantageous habit forming strategy.

The scientific principle of micro habit strategy shows the reason why people can’t stick to most mainstream growth strategies for a long time, and also reveals the possibility that people can stick to micro habit strategies for a long time.

When people can’t make the effect of change lasting, they often think that the reason is their own, but in fact, the problem is not their own, but the strategies they adopt.

When you start to use the micro habit strategy to teach you how to do things, it is actually easy to make lasting changes.

※ Editor’s recommendation ※
★ Since the end of 2012, Stephen Guise has done at least one push up every day, which has become his first micro habit. Two years later, he had the physique of his dream. He wrote four times more articles and read ten times more books than before. The micro habits strategy is more effective than all the habit strategies he has ever used, so this book came into being.

★ Set aside a few minutes every day and follow the eight steps of micro habits, so that you can easily and thoroughly complete the changes you’ve always dreamed of.

Micro Habits is one of the best books on self discipline, Best Discipline Books In 2022

About the Author

Stephen Guise is a born slacker. In order to change this, he began to study various habit forming strategies and published many articles on various self growth websites in the United States since 2004.

In 2011, he started to run his own blog, Deep Existence, to provide readers with suggestions on self growth strategies. He advocates minimalism, likes playing basketball and exploring the world.

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Table of Contents

Part 1 Introduction to Mini habits
How it Began: the one push-up challenge
For good habit only
A brief synopsis of Mini Habits
About habits and the brain
Part 2 how your brain works
slow-changing, stable Brains
A stupid repeater and a smart mananger
the prefrontal cortex
the basal ganglia
Part 3 Motivation Vs. Willpower
the many problems with “getting motivated”
why willpower beats motivation
how willpower works
Park 4 the strategy of Mini habits
using willpower the mini habits way
how mini habits expand your comfort zone
the two moments of resistance
mini habits in the moment
Part 5 the mini habits difference
mini habits can compete with your existing habits
small steps and willpower are a winning team
other methods will tell you it’s ok to let up too soon
mini habits increase your self efficacy
mini habits give you autonomy
mini habits marry the abstract and concrete
mini habits destroy fear, doubt, intimidation and hesitation
mini habits create insane bonuses of increased
mindfulness and willpower
Part 6 Mini habits – eight small steps to big change
step 1 choose your mini habits and habit plan
step 2 use the why drill on each mini habit
step 3 define your habit cues
step 4 create your reward plan
step 5 write everything down
step 6 think small
step 7 meet your schedule and drop high expectations
step 8 watch for signs of habit
Part 7 eight mini habit rules
1 never, ever cheat
2 be happy with all progress
3 reward yourself often, especially after a mini habit
4 stay level-headed
5 if you feel strong resistance, back off and go smaller
6 remind yourself how easy this is
7 never think a step is too small
8 put extra energy and ambition toward bonus reps, not a bigger requirement
Final words
an optional modification
apply this strategy elsewhere
want more?

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