Procrastination: Why You Do It, What to Do About It Now (by Kelly McGonigal)

The Willpower Instinct


ISBN: 9780738211701Number of Pages: 336
Publisher: Da Capo Lifelong BooksBook Title: Procrastination: Why You Do It, What to Do About It Now
Publication Year: 2008Target Audience: Trade
Author:  Jane B. Burka, Lenora M. YuenReading Age: 18+


From students to scientists, from secretaries to presidents, from housewives to salespeople, the problem of procrastination affects almost everyone.

The two authors of this book have made a careful, detailed and sometimes humorous exploration of procrastination based on their highly praised and groundbreaking procrastination workshop and their rich theories and experience from many fields of psychological counseling.

By identifying and examining the reasons behind our putting things off – the fear of failure, success, control, alienation and attachment, plus our concept of time and the neurological factors in the brain – we have done a very solid foundation work for us to learn how to understand the impulse of procrastination and how to take action in a new way.

The Book Procrastination author provides us with a series of solutions to overcome the problem of procrastination, such as achieving goals, managing time, seeking support and dealing with pressure. The solutions they provide are extremely practical and have been tested by practice.

The book also takes into account the contemporary cultural demands of the accelerating pace of work and life, as well as the impact of neurocognitive problems such as attention deficit disorder and executive dysfunction on procrastination.

This book even provides many practical suggestions for people living and working around procrastinators.

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About the Author

Jane B. Burka and Lenora M. Yuen are PhD psychologists and senior psychological consultants of the University of California.

Since 1979, the first group therapy course has been created for procrastinators among students. It has appeared in TV programs such as Oprah and 20/20, and is also the exclusive interview object of New York Times, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, People and Contemporary Psychology.

They have been committed to providing psychological workshops and keynote speeches for students, corporate organizations and public groups all over the United States, and has been active in the forums of Berkeley and Stanford University all year round.

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Table of Contents


Part I Procrastination vs Behavior
Chapter 1 Questioning Procrastination: Is it an abominable bad habit or a deserved retribution
Chapter 2 Interrogation Procrastination: Fear of Failure on the Trial Bench
Chapter 3 Dialogue: Delay Hello, Good bye

Part II Procrastination vs Psychology
Chapter 4 Procrastinators in Struggle: How to Become a Defeat
Chapter 5 Psychological comfort zone: fear of closeness and alienation
Chapter 6 Delay the Clock: Do You Know the Time

Part 3 Procrastination vs Brain
Chapter 7 Is there a “procrastination gene” in the world
Chapter 8 How to Build the Overall Leadership of the Brain
Chapter 9 How You Become a Procrastinator
Chapter 10 Court Investigation of Procrastination Patterns

Part IV Delay vs Conquest
Chapter 11 Battle Prequel: Delaying the Market
Chapter 12 Operational Weapons: Clear Objectives and Feasible Plans
Chapter 13 Operation Method A: Learn how to judge time
Chapter 14 Operational Method B: Learn to “Accept” and “Reject”
Chapter 15 Combat Method C: Use Your Body to Reduce Procrastination

Part V Delay vs Suggestions
Chapter 16 Suggestions for People with Attention Deficit Disorders and Delayed Execution Dysfunction
Chapter 17 Tackle the Cultural Pressure Causing Delay
Chapter 18 Get rid of the strange circle of passive procrastination

Appendix I Delay Study for 25 Years
Appendix II Compilation of Delay Handling Techniques

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