Run or Die: The Inspirational Memoir of the World’s Greatest Ultra-Runner (by Kilian Jornet)

Run or Die
Running or Die


ISBN: 9781553658603Number of Pages:192
Publisher:  Greystone BooksBook Title: Run or Die: The Inspirational Memoir of the World’s Greatest Ultra-Runner
Publication Year: 2014Target Audience: Trade
Author: Kilian JornetReading Age: 18+


Kilian Jornet‘s Run or Die is the autobiography of the world’s most dominant super runner.

The book is the winner of the 2014 William Hill Sports Book Award,2014 National Geographic Adventurer and the 2014 Marka Legend Award.

Kilian Jornet conquered the most difficult physical tests on Earth. He ran down Mount Kilimanjaro faster than anyone else and set a world record in every challenge he put forward, all before the age of 25.

In the super marathon and high-altitude race, he redefined the possibility of running and amazed his opponents with his almost superhuman physical strength and ability.

Kilian shared his passion, inviting readers to enter a fascinating world full of the beauty of rugged paths and mountain scenery, the exciting drama of racing cars, and a strong love for sports and the surrounding landscape.

This is the next essential reading for those who like the endurance books Christopher McDougall’s Born to Run and Dean Karnazes’s Ultramarathon Man.

Run or Die is one of the Best Running Books for Beginners

About the Author

Kilian Jornet, born in Sabadell, Catalonia, Spain, on October 27, 1987, is a professional Spanish athlete in mountain skiing, long-distance running, mountain biking, and mountain cross-country.

He was awarded the 2014 Adventurer of the Year award by National Geographic magazine for his latest project that broke the speed record of the world’s seven highest mountains. This 4-year project completed the running attempt to climb Mount Everest in 2016.

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