Running and Being: The Total Experience (by George Sheehan)

Running and Being
Running and Being


ISBN: 9781623362539Number of Pages: 272
Publisher:  Rodale BooksBook Title: Running and Being: The Total Experience
Publication Year: 2014Target Audience: Trade
Author: George SheehanReading Age: 18+


Running is a journey of ascetic monks or a game in the heart of runners? Do we need to run? Why do you run? How a runner’s world is?

That is a running masterpiece that combines practice and philosophy. In the book Running and Being, you can see the runners’ tenacity, feel the runner’s minds, and listen to the spirit of great thinkers and sportsmen.

Dr. Sheehan outline a healthy and happy life, showing how the body controls our mental and spiritual energy.

Through the inculcation and practice of those great thinkers and athletes throughout history, Sheehan opened the door to his running-life

Moreover, Sheehan combines it with his theory on fitness and running, as well as his professional knowledge of training, injury prevention, and participating in competitions.

But this is not preaching, it leads you into his own “running life” and explains the key significance of experiencing your own unique body and mind.

Running and Being is one of the Best Running Books for Beginners

About the Author

George Sheehan, a well-known runner in the medical field, is a cardiologist. At 45 years old, he put on running shoes again and started his running career.

In 1964, he ran his first Boston Marathon with 225 runners and then completed 20 Boston Marathons.

In 1969, he ran a mile in 4:47 seconds, creating a world record for the 50-year-old group.

In 1972, he began to write a column in Runner’s World and became the most popular columnist.

He is the most important philosopher in the sports field and has been praised by the former President of the United States as “the mentor and thinker in the running field”

In 1978, he published Running and Being, which has been on the New York Times bestseller list for 14 consecutive weeks and is recognized as the “philosophical bible” of the running world by global runners.

Table of Contents

Part I Do you need to run?
Chapter 1 Life
Living If the game goes at your pace, you are the winner
Chapter 2 Discovery
Discovering can find out what kind of body you belong to, so you can know what kind of person you are
Chapter 3 Understanding
Understanding When I run on the road, I feel like a saint
Chapter 4 Start
Beginning runners exist because of running but not because of their actions
Chapter 5 Formation
Becoming healthy is just a byproduct of running
Chapter 6 Games
Playing does not run for “Run” but for “Fun”
Chapter 7 Learning
Learning is more confident, discerning right from wrong, and grateful in running
Chapter 8 Transcendence
Excelling seeks social balance and inner peace

Part II A Runner’s World
Chapter 9 Running
Running is the art of self, and I am an artist
Chapter 10 Training
Training wants to make a clear commitment, and the commitment will be fulfilled
Chapter 11 Healing
Healing’s progress requires disease, doubt, failure, and frustration, which will make people more intelligent
Chapter 12 Competition
Racing is not fighting with others, but fighting with his own heart
Chapter 13 Victory
As long as Winning keeps going, persistence is success
Chapter 14 Failure
Losing running is not about failure, but whether you want to give up
Chapter 15 Suffering
Suffering 32km is the starting point of the marathon
Chapter 16 Meditation
Meditating In running, experience the order, law, love, and truth that make people free
Chapter 17 Transformation
Growing is on the way, I meet myself by chance
Chapter 18 Seeing
The farther you run, the closer to yourself

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