Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain (by John J. Ratey)



ISBN: 9780316113502Number of Pages:294
Publisher:  Little, Brown SparkBook Title: Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain
Publication Year: 2008Target Audience: Trade
Author: John J. Ratey MDReading Age: 18+


Why do some people have good grades and popularity? Why do some people play and study? Because their brain structure is different!

Want to transform a brain that’s out of control? Fasten your jogging shoes quickly, and you will be able to work smoothly, make progress in your studies, and have a good mood!

Things are not going well, depression is rampant, you forget everything, you can’t concentrate, and you are nervous and anxious. Please note that your brain cells are becoming fewer, your hippocampus is becoming thinner, prominent, and atrophied, and your serotonin will soon be insufficient!

 Listen to Professor Ratey of Harvard Medical School! Spark is the first time that revolutionary brain research has been made public.

Through hundreds of scientific studies, it has been confirmed that sports can not only keep fit and exercise muscles, but exercise the brain, transform the mind and IQ, and make you smarter, happier, and happier!

Exercise can stimulate the brain stem, provide energy, enthusiasm, and motivation, regulate neurotransmitters in the brain, change the established self-concept, stabilize emotions and improve learning ability.

Please stop sitting, depression, broken thoughts, and thinking. As long as your body moves, you can increase brain cells, avoid negative centers, re-open new circuits, eliminate anxiety, depression, ADD, addiction, premenstrual syndrome, and other problems, slow down aging and prevent Alzheimer’s disease!

A few decades ago, Cooper discovered the mystery of exercise and the heart, and Ratey revealed the connection between exercise and the brain through solid evidence and a large number of breakthrough research in the book Spark. So get moving! Your brain will thank you for your efforts and give you double rewards.

Don’t doubt, you can transform your brain! Want to improve your IQ and mind? Put on your jogging shoes first!

Spark is one of the Best Running Books for Beginners

About the Author

John Ratey is an associate clinical professor at Harvard Medical School, clinical psychiatrist, interdisciplinary research expert, best-selling author, and internationally recognized expert in neuropsychology.

In 1997, he was awarded the best doctor in the United States.

More than 60 academic authoritative articles and eight books have been published and translated into 14 languages.

The book Driven to Distraction was co-authored with Edward Hallowell, a famous American psychologist. Since its publication in 1994, the book has always been called an insurmountable classic in the field of ADD-ADHD, and it is still a world-class bestseller today.

Table of Contents

Foreword Exercise, Re-establish Physical and Mental Connection!
Human beings are born to move
Exercise keeps the brain at its best
Exercise is the best brain tonic pill
Introduction Different PE classes!
Doing your best is more important than running fast
The limbs are very developed, and the mind is not simple

01 Learning – more and more brain cells move
Exercise Balance Brain
Exercise makes the magic “brain cell fertilizer” more
The brain will grow
Exercise your body and your brain at the same time
Make exercise choices: consider both skill training and aerobic exercise

02 Pressure – the most arduous challenge
Stress keeps you focused and addictive
Stress promotes energy supply and can also drag down the brain
Infringement effect: excessive pressure
Exercise: Push your hand to block the brain pressure feedback circuit
Employees love sports, but the company cannot fail
03 Anxiety – nothing to worry about
Anxiety: the culprit of poor performance
Exercise teaches the brain that anxiety is a cognitive error
The body can affect the mind
Counterattack plan: find someone to exercise with

04 Depression — Wake up the Sleeping Brain
Marathon: “Endorphin” Cyclone
Changing exercise habits equals changing the probability of depression
Sport is the king
Depression: difficulty in connecting brain nerve cells
Get rid of the shackles of depression: Don’t leave your brain offline
Build confidence from top to bottom and emerge vitality from bottom to top

05 Concentration – Stay away from distractions
Collective distraction tendency
A symptom of trouble
The attention system is closely connected with movement
Co-existence with distractions: making shortcomings become advantages
Exercise is the best recipe for nerve soup

06 Addiction – take back your initiative
From a drug addict to a sportsman
Get rid of addiction with exercise
Natural pleasure
Take back the initiative: let the brain start the movement mode

07 Hormone — the effect on the health of the female brain
Premenstrual syndrome: natural ebb and flow
Move to restore brain balance
Pregnancy: Active? Still not moving?
Postpartum depression: a sudden low tide
Menopause: a huge change
A woman who tries to keep her figure has a good IQ and EQ

08 Senescence — the way to improve intelligence and health
Exercise can prevent brain aging
Cognitive decline: don’t let your mind dictionary shrink
Emotional decline: Don’t let the enthusiasm of life fade
The idle brain is the devil’s workshop
Sports, perseverance is right

09 Brain Training Program – Shaping Your Brain
The better your physical strength, the more resilient your brain is
Walking: start with light exercise and develop exercise habits
Jogging: moderate intensity exercise, release various factors, and make the brain stronger
Fast running: interval training with intense exercise to greatly increase HGH concentration
Yoga, Taijiquan, or weight training: rejuvenate the brain
Take the first step and let yourself move
Postscript Keep the Holy Light Blooming

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