Spring in Action (6th Edition)

Spring in Action (6th Edition)
Spring in Action (6th Edition)


ISBN: 9781617297571Number of Pages: 520
Publisher: Manning Publications Co. LLCBook Title: Spring in Action, Sixth Edition
Publication Year: 2021Target Audience: Scholarly & Professional
Author: Craig WallsFormat: Trade Paperback


Spring in Action is a classic and practical best selling spring learning guide. The 6th Edition covers the milestone updates of spring 6.0 and spring boot 2.0.

The whole book is divided into five parts, with a total of 19 chapters. Part 1 (Chapters 1 to 5) covers the basic topics of building spring applications. Part 2 (Chapters 6 to 9) discusses how to integrate spring applications with other applications. Part 3 (chapters 10-12) discusses the new support spring provides for reactive programming. Part 4 (chapters 13-15) splits the single application model and introduces springcloud and microservice development. Part 5 (chapters 16 to 19) discusses how to prepare for the application to be put into production and how to deploy it.

Spring in Action (6th Edition) book is not only suitable for Java developers who have just started to learn spring boot and spring framework to get started quickly, but also suitable for experienced spring developers to learn the new features of spring, especially for enterprise Java developers.

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About the Author

Craig walls is a senior engineer of Pivotal, a project leader of Spring Social and Spring Sync, and the author of Spring in Action published by Manning press. At present, this book has been updated to the six edition. He is very enthusiastic about the promotion of the Spring framework. He often speaks at local user groups and conferences and writes Spring related content on his blog. Craig walls will accompany his wife, two daughters, two birds and two dogs as much as possible when he is relax.

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Table of Contents


  • 1 Getting started with Spring
  • 2 Developing web applications
  • 3 Working with data
  • 4 Working with nonrelational data
  • 5 Securing Spring
  • 6 Working with configuration properties


  • 7 Creating REST services
  • 8 Securing REST
  • 9 Sending messages asynchronously
  • 10 Integrating Spring


  • 11 Introducing Reactor
  • 12 Developing reactive APIs
  • 13 Persisting data reactively
  • 14 Working with RSocket


  • 15 Working with Spring Boot Actuator
  • 16 Administering Spring
  • 17 Monitoring Spring with JMX
  • 18 Deploying Spring

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