The Beginning Runner’s Handbook: The Proven 13-Week RunWalk Program (by Nicholas Romanov)

The Beginning Runner's Handbook
The Beginning Runner’s Handbook


ISBN: 9781553658603Number of Pages:224
Publisher:  Greystone BooksBook Title: The Beginning Runner’s Handbook: The Proven 13-Week RunWalk Program
Publication Year: 2012Target Audience: Trade
Author: Ian MacNeill, SportMedBCReading Age: 18+


The Beginning Runner’s Handbook is suitable for those who want to start running, but do not know how to start. This book starts with the benefits of running, gives you a questionnaire to evaluate your physical condition, and then scientifically guides you to run, so that you can complete the transformation to an excellent runner in 13 weeks.

The book contains all kinds of running knowledge, from physical preparation to equipment, how to carry out running plans, how to eat, how to prepare for events, how to run at home, and advanced maintenance plans, and how to respond to plan interruptions. It is a combination of motivation and tools.

The suggestions in the book are practical. The book provides a 13-week training plan, three times a week, 28-76 minutes every time. The difficulty is very low, which is very suitable for beginners running.

The Beginning Runner’s Handbook is one of the Best Running Books for Beginners

About the Author

Ian Macneill lives in Vancouver and is an athlete and writer. Achieve the goal for 40,000 Canadians through a 13-week training program.

SportMedBC is a non-profit organization consisting of 600 medical nurses in British Columbia. It is determined to promote education and knowledge popularization in sports medicine, sports science, and sports training.

Table of Contents

1 Why Running
2 Get ready to run
3 On the way
4 Let’s start our 13-week running and walking program
5 Running Psychology
6 Families Running Together
7 Become a better runner
8 Supplement nutrition to the body
9 Common Injuries and Recovery
10 Prepare for the 10k race
11 What to do next?
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C

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