The Runner’s Rule Book: Everything a Runner Needs to Know–And Then Some (by Mark Remy)

The Runner's Rule Book
The Runner’s Rule Book


ISBN: 9781605295800Number of Pages:176
Publisher:  Rodale BooksBook Title: The Runner’s Rule Book: Everything a Runner Needs to Know–And Then Some
Publication Year: 2009Target Audience: Trade
Author: Mark RemyReading Age: 18+


The Runner’s Rule Book is the funniest run book yet! Give beginners the most interesting “common sense” and senior runners the most joyful “understanding”!

From the confused “Do you want to run on rainy days?” “How can I fart when I run?” From the recommendation of running songs to the unique “urination coordinate system” each rule is short, but there is no lack of humor to answer all the puzzles and troubles in running.

The first book you must read before you step on the runway! This is the happiest running manual for runners all over the world, driving hundreds of millions of runners to run and be happy!

The Runner’s Rule Book is one of the Best Running Books for Beginners

About the Author

Mark Remy is the contributing author of Runner’s World (American Edition). So far, 25 marathons have been completed, including 7 Boston Marathons, with a personal best of 2 hours and 46 minutes.

He also wrote The Runner’s Field Manual and Cisfor Chafing.

Table of Contents

Introduction Running is an easy
How to be a qualified rookie?
Novice transformation: details determine success or failure
How should I wear it when running?
Gains and losses
Old Bird’s Experience
Exclusive benefits
Safety Brocade Bag: Avoid the minefield of 14 types of runners
Urine coordinate system
Translation Guide for Running Brands
Runner’s Gesture Guide
five topics guaranteed to make runners uneasy
five times when runners can cry
five great songs titled Running

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