The Running Revolution: How to Run Faster, Farther, and Injury-Free-for Life (by Nicholas Romanov)

The Running Revolution
The Running Revolution


ISBN: 9780143123194Number of Pages:240
Publisher:  Penguin BooksBook Title: The Running Revolution: How to Run Faster, Farther, and Injury-Free-for Life
Publication Year: 2014Target Audience: Trade
Author: Nicholas Romanov,Kurt BrungardtReading Age: 18+


The debate about running posture is an eternal hot topic among runners. Dr. Romanov’s theory does not simply answer the question of which part lands first, but gives a “template” of running posture – posture running method, which teaches you how to run correctly.

Just as running itself pursues persistence and long-term benefits, this book focuses on runners’ more lasting sports careers.

The concept of posture running proposed by Dr. Romanov includes three key basic movements: running posture, falling, and pulling up.

In the book The Running Revolution, he gave us a detailed introduction to the preparation of posture running method (such as how to choose a suitable pair of running shoes, dozens of stretching exercises), technical movement analysis, and corresponding strength training.

It comprehensively explains how to apply the posture running method to practice: analyze your running movements, how to run in different environments, correct wrong posture, prevent common sports injuries, and so on. It help runners achieve healthy, happy, and uninjured running.

The book has a wealth of real-person demonstration illustrations, which is more convenient for the readers to refer to and learn.

The book has ten progressive postural running classes, postural running cycle training. Through gradual learning, readers will master this new running mode, to achieve the ultimate goal of running faster and more efficiently and reducing the probability of injury.

The Running Revolution is one of the Best Running Books for Beginners

About the Author

Dr. Nicholas Romanov is a world-famous sports scientist, with more than 40 years of scientific research experience. The major involves sports biomechanics, physiology, training theory and sports teaching, training of professional and amateur athletes, sports injury diagnosis and prevention, rehabilitation training, and other fields.

He is the coach of the Olympic national team. Now he is guiding the members of the Russian triathlon national team. He once led the British triathlon national team to participate in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and 2004 Athens Olympic Games. In 2012, his disciple Elena Ivanova, a Russian Paralympic athlete, won three gold medals.

Kurt Brunga is a Senior personal trainer in the United States, the author in the field of fitness and sports training, and writer of well-known magazines such as Men’s Health (American Edition), Dunk, Vanity Fair, etc.

Table of Contents

How does the introduction run like a first-class athlete?
PART 1 Preparation
01 Me and Running: From the Soviet Union to the United States
02 Perceptual ability: cultivate running sensitivity
03 Running log: transfer from running distance to running quality
04 Choose the right running shoes: how to find the best running shoes
05 Shooting: Know your movements
06 Preparation activity: 31 stretching exercises to increase body flexibility
07 Strength training: 4 kinds of conventional strength training
10 Classes of

PART 2 Posture Running
08 Lecture: Replace bad running style with better running posture
09 Lesson 1: Feet
10 Lesson 2: Key Running Postures
Lesson 3: Drop
12 Lesson 4: Pull Up
Lesson 5: Complete Running
14 Lesson 6: Achilles tendon
Lesson 7: Rediscussion of Key Posture
16 Lesson 8: Re discussion
Lesson 9: More on pull-up
Lesson 10: Run Again
19 Graduation: enjoy the moment

PART 3 Posture Running Cycle Training
Cycle training of running: seeking breakthroughs efficiently and safely
21 Analyze your running movements: establish a positive cycle of effective perception and practice
22 Complete the transition: 9-week training plan for posture running
23 Running in Different Environments: A Guide to All Terrain Running
24 Common sports injuries: correct wrong actions and prevent sports injuries

25 big monkeys, small monkeys: how to make a training plan suitable for yourself
26 All round training plan: 5km, 10km, half horse, full horse
27 Keep running: keep healthy, enjoy happiness and defeat yourself

Technical Essentials of Posture Running Method
Common mistakes in running
US Army Training Evaluation Form
Analysis of Running Movements
6 Key Points of Video Analysis

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