The Wine Bible (3rd Edition)

The Wine Bible 
The Wine Bible (3rd Edition)


ISBN: 9781523510099Number of Pages: 736
Publisher: Workman Publishing CompanyBook Title: The Wine Bible (3rd Edition)
Publication Year: 2022Target Audience: Wine Lovers
Author: Karen MacNeilReading Age: 16+


Karen MacNeil, the author of this book, is a famous wine authority and teacher in the United States. In this book, more than one thousand pages are devoted to the fine tasting of wines from many countries in the world. It has sold 500000+ volumes, and is the world’s best selling wine guide so far.

The book The Wine Bible  is not boring at all. You can read it with interest from any page. The description of wine in this book is accurate and vivid. After reading it, it is like following the author on a journey of wine and food.

As early as the first publication of The Wine Bible, Karen MacNeil had tasted more than 30000 kinds of wine and visited all major, secondary and emerging wine producing regions, including China and Mexico.

The final 3nd edition is not only a comprehensive guide to all kinds of wines in the world, but also a masterpiece of understanding wine, including history, culture and cooking.There are various of wines to be known, from Bordeaux First Class Winery to Oregon’s Pinot Noir. Wine and local food are always inseparable, whether it’s Piemonte Barolo with white truffles, or Virginia ham with a unique fruity Virginia Norton red wine.

You can find irresistible Australian wine in the book. The world’s greatest wine rosados come from Spain, tastes like a shower in the heat. South Africa’s best wine Vin de Constance. Delicate German wine that complements food. Napa Valley, a narrow land 30 miles long, is full of passion for life and success.

This edition of The Wine Bible is a new revised edition. The whole book is equipped with maps, charts, photos and wine labels as instructions. It is the first choice for wine lovers to learn more about wine.

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About the Author

Karen MacNeil is the American Vine Evangelist (BY Time Magazine). She won every wine award in the World, including the James Beard Award for Outstanding Wine and Spirits Professional of the Year (2004).

Her articles once appeared in the New York Times, Food&Wine, Saveur and Town&Country. As a wine consultant, Ms. McNeil has created many seminars for corporate clients, including Lexus, Merrill Lynch, Disney and General Electric.

She is the honorary chairman of the Rudd Center for Professional Wine Studies at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley. McNeil lives in northern California and owns a personal website

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Why wine is so important
How to use this book
Mastery of Wine
What makes good wine?
What makes wine? -Dialyzing the Components of Wine
Where does it all start?
Start from knowing grapes
Sensory Geography: Tasting Wine Like Professionals
Match well: wine and food
Ten questions that all wine drinkers will ask