The World Atlas of Wine 8th Edition

The World Atlas of Wine 8th Edition


ISBN: 9781784726188Number of Pages: 416
Publisher: Mitchell BeazleyBook Title: The World Atlas of Wine 8th Edition
Publication Year: 2019Target Audience: Wine Lovers
Author: Hugh Johnson, Jancis RobinsonReading Age: 16+


The World Atlas of Wine 8th Edition loved by wine lovers and professionals

“If I can only read one wine books, I will read The World Atlas of Wine .

  • First, in the wine world, The World Atlas of Wine is a masterpiece;
  • Second, The World Atlas of Wine reflects the authenticity of wine
  • Third, The World Atlas of Wine has been updating to keep knowledge fresh. “

————said a master sommelier

The 8th edition of this classic wine reference book must be the most practical and comprehensive so far.

As a wine lover and practitioner, consumers always have different difficulties in choosing the right wine for themselves.

There are many kinds of wine in the supermarket. How to choose the right product.

In some cases, the price will be a fantastic figure.

A series of questions can be answered in this book.

This book is a great wine books that has sold well for half a century and is a practical reference book for wine lovers. Since the first edition in 1971, it has been polished and updated by professional teams every 6 years, and is now revised to the 8th edition.

The demand for wine is increasingly diversified in today’s market. The World Atlas of Wine (8th Edition) faithfully reflects these changes, not only comprehensively reflects the style of today’s wine world, but also reflects the changing trend of the global wine industry. It is a classic reference book for wine lovers.

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About the Author

Since the publication of Hugh Johnson first book Wine, he has led the world’s wine writing in many aspects for more than 52 years. The World Atlas of Wine, Wine Companion, Pocket Wine Book, The Story of Wine, and his memoir A Life Uncorked.

These books sell well. His Wine Pocket Book has sold more than 12 million copies. He makes complex topics easy to understand and interesting. In his rich knowledge and rigorous writing, he has both funny and simple strokes, which has become his unique expression and won him the favor of wine lovers all over the world.

The total sales volume of all his works has exceeded 19 million. In 2003, Hugh Johnson was awarded the Chevalier of the Chevalier of the Ordre National du Mérite by the President Jacques Huck of France. In 2007, he was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his contributions to wine brewing and horticulture.

Jancis Robinson is praised by Decanter as “The most respected wine critic and journalist in the world”. She spends every day on her personal website( ,she opened a special column on the Financial Times every week, and provided a column for newspapers around the world every two months.

However, many people know more about her because of her several popular reference books. In addition to publishing the The World Atlas of Wine as a co-author, she is also the editor in chief of Oxford Companion to Wine and co-authored Wine Grapes. Her latest book, The 24-Hour Wine Expert, is a practical basic guide to wine, and also the book with the least space in her book.

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Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Brief History of Wine
  • What is wine? twelve
  • Grapevine
  • Grape Varieties
  • Temperature and sunshine
  • Moisture for Wine
  • Climate Change
  • Terrestrial conditions
  • World under Grapevine
  • Diseases and pests
  • Reclaiming a vineyard
  • Vineyard Annual Cycle
  • How to make wine
  • Why use oak barrel
  • Bottle sealing of wine
  • Wine and Time
  • Legal production area
  • Wine label
  • Tasting and discussion of wine
  • Serving wine
  • The Price of Wine
  • The World of Wine