Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength (by John Tierney, Roy F. Baumeister)

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Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength


ISBN: 9781594203077Number of Pages: 304
Publisher: Penguin PressBook Title: Willpower : Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength
Publication Year: 2011Target Audience: Trade
Author: John Tierney, Roy F. BaumeisterReading Age: 18+


Inefficient work? Emotional entanglement? Losing weight always rebounds? Can’t control spending? Addicted to social media and online entertainment? Is it not enough to stay up late every day? It’s all about willpower!

Among the acquired factors that determine whether a person can succeed, willpower comes first.

For a long time, willpower seems to be a virtue possessed by extraordinary people.

But the world’s top psychologists tell us that willpower is neither magic nor empty inspirational slogans, but a science that makes life better.

The two authors of Willpower , one is responsible for exploring the rules of willpower application from the perspective of psychology, and the other is responsible for writing well. Will power is no longer unclear. Everyone can cultivate will power.

According to the book, willpower is like a muscle. Regular exercise will enhance willpower, and excessive use will lead to fatigue. This is why people can’t resist temptation at some time.

The book also introduces a series of methods to enhance willpower, explains how to set realistic goals (making a task list is really a science), how to monitor progress (so that you can often reward yourself), and how to firm your faith when shaking.

In today’s world, temptations are everywhere, and human willpower is constantly being tested.

Willpower points out that once we have formed the right habit and found a suitable method, self-control will be easier, and people only need less mental capacity to avoid temptation.

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About the Author

Roy F. Baumeister is a psychology professor at Florida State University, he has published more than 450 scientific papers and has been one of the psychologists with the highest citation rate in the world. He is good at studying a wide range of psychological problems with social science simulation technology.

John Tierney, a science columnist of the New York Times, has won medals from the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Physics Federation.

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Table of Contents

Decline of Will
Return of Will/6
Evolution and Etiquette
Why do you use willpower to read this book?
Chapter 1 Is willpower more than a metaphor

  • Radish experiment
  • Name that feeling
  • The Mystery of Dirty Socks
  • Inspiration from the streets and laboratories

Chapter 2 Where does the energy driving willpower come from?

  • Brain fuel
  • The devil inside
  • Eat willpower

Chapter 3 A brief history of the to-do list, from god to Drew Carey

  • Which goals?
  • Fuzzy to exact
  • Kelly’s dream work basket
  • Zeigarnik effect
  • Zero state refreshing

Chapter 4 Decision fatigue

  • Crossing Rubicon River
  • Judge’s dilemma, prisoner’s misfortune
  • Lazy choice
  • Choose your prize

Chapter 5 Where have all the dollars gone? The quantified self knows

  • I have self-awareness, so I
  • Quantify yourself
  • A comparison that is not so unpleasant

Chapter 6 Can willpower be strengthened? (Preferably without feeling David Blaine’s pain)

  • Willpower exercise
  • Strengthen willpower
  • The hardest stunt

Chapter 7 Outsmarting yourself in the heart of darkness

  • Emotional temperature difference
  • Binding rope
  • Brain in automatic gear
  • It’s not enough to manage yourself

Chapter 8 Did a higher power help Eric Clapton and Mary Karr stop drinking?

  • AA’s Secret
  • Influence of others: do you want to go to heaven or hell
  • Divine self-control
  • Open line

Chapter 9 Raising strong children: self-esteem vs. self-control

  • From self-esteem to narcissism
  • Exceptional Asians
  • Babysitter Deb and triplets
  • Infant Code and Youth Code
  • Someone’s watching
  • Play towards success

Chapter 10 The perfect storm of dieting

  • Fuck his effect
  • The 22nd Military Rule of Dieters
  • Prepare for the Great War
  • Weigh and estimate calories
  • Never say “never”

Conclusio n : The future of willpower: more gain, less strain (as long as you don’t procrastinate).
Deadline testing

  • Enlightenment 1: Know your limits
  • Revelation 2: Pay attention to your symptoms
  • Inspiration 3: Choose your battles
  • Inspiration 4: Make a task list – at least make a “no list”
  • Enlightenment 5: Beware of the fallacy of planning
  • Inspiration 6: Don’t forget the small things
  • Enlightenment 7: The power of active procrastination
  • Revelation 8: No choice
  • Inspiration 9: Follow up
  • Revelation 10: Frequent rewards

The future of self-control

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