Windows on the World Complete Wine Course

World Complete Wine Course
Windows on the World Complete Wine Course


ISBN: 9781454942177Number of Pages: 464
Publisher: Union Square & Co.Book Title: The World Atlas of Wine 8th Edition
Publication Year: 2020Target Audience: Wine Lovers
Author: Kevin Zraly Reading Age: 16+


Authority: The book author Kevin Zraly is the founder of Zraly Parker Wine Qualification Organization, which is the most authoritative wine certification organization in the world, and the winner of “Lifetime Achievement Award” of European Wine Association, Zraly is a well deserved wine authority in the world today.

Since its first edition in 1985, his Complete Wine Course has been revised every year. It has not only become the best-selling wine books with a sales volume of more than 3 million copies, but also become a necessary guide for wine lovers and collectors around the world.

For more than 30 years, Zraly has been practicing in the forefront of wine planting, brewing and cellaring, only revising the 2010 edition of this book, that is, he visited more than 80 wine producing regions around the world and tasted more than 5000 bottles of wine from 2008 to 2009.

Practicality: In the past 20 years, the endless emerging wine producing countries and various styles of wine make it more and more difficult to purchase and collect wine.

Based on more than 30 years of research, personal visits and first-hand tasting information, a cost-effective wine list of “daily drinking”, “weekly drinking”, “monthly drinking” and “annual drinking” with stable quality and withstanding repeated tasting was listed for wine lovers, as well as hot spots and potential vintages and grape varieties for wine collectors.

Valuable: Kevin Zraly has always been committed to finding the most cost-effective wines. He believes that although the wines of top wineries are valuable, the appreciation space and the taste cost performance ratio are not necessarily the best.

Smart wine lovers and collectors can find wines worth $50 at $20, and wines worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars at $50-100! This book has collected a large number of such super value wines for wine lovers, including a large number of new production areas, new brands and new wine funds.

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About the Author

Kevin Zraly, a world-renowned wine authority, the founder of Zraly Parker Wine Qualification Organization, which is the most authoritative wine certification organization in the world, and the winner of the “Lifetime Achievement Award” of the European Wine Association.

Kevin Zraly began to learn wine at the age of 19, and began to teach wine courses at the age of 20. In 1976, he was employed as a wine consultant at the Window of the World Restaurant in New York World Trade Center (until September 11, 2001).

In 1976, he founded the “Window of the World Wine School”. For more than 30 years, he shared his extensive wine knowledge and tasting experience with every wine lover in a wise and fascinating way.

World Complete Wine Course was published in 1985, revised and republished every year, and became the best selling wine book with a sales volume of more than 3 million copies. This book is the latest edition of World Wine Book in 2020.

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Table of Contents

25 Years of Wine Changes (1985~2010)
Basic knowledge of wine
Chapter 1 French white wine
Chapter 2 Wine from Washington, Oregon and New York, and white wine from California
Chapter 3 German white wine
Chapter 4 Red wines from Burgundy and the Rhone Valley in France
Chapter 5 Bordeaux, France
Chapter 6 California Red Wine
Chapter 7 Spanish and Italian wines
Chapter 8 Champagne, sherry and port
Chapter 9 Wine from all over the world
Chapter 10 A broader wine world
Postscript: Looking back on the past with gratitude
Selected Wine Terms