Wine Folly: The Master Guide

Wine Folly: The Master Guide
Wine Folly: The Master Guide


ISBN: 9780525533894Number of Pages: 320
Publisher: AveryBook Title: Wine Folly: Magnum Edition : the Master Guide
Publication Year: 2018Target Audience: Wine Lovers
Author: Madeline Puckette,
Justin Hammack
Reading Age: 16+


The author is the founder of WINE FOLLY, a world-famous professional wine website. Picture and text combined! It is easy to understand. Of course, you have to taste more wine to drink. After reading this book, you can buy high-quality wine with the least budget. Drink wine more responsibly and make yourself confident in wine!


★ Detailed maps of top wine producing regions in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Austria, as well as emerging fields in Greece and Hungary, and details of wine labels and classifications in each region are introduced for readers to explore.
★ Brand new food and wine matching matrix chart.
★ Grape planting, wine brewing and other related knowledge necessary for learning wine.
★ The introduction of acidity and tannin allows you to taste wine like an expert.
★ More key tips to simplify the complexity of the wine world and help readers become experts.

This book will help you to understand all aspects of wine with simple and direct charts and graphs

  • Learn to evaluate the quality of wine
  • Handling, decanting, storing and aging wine
  • Look for wines you might like
  • Get knowledge of professional sommeliers
  • Even if the budget is not sufficient
  • Drink wine more responsibly
  • Food is used to match wine
  • Mention wine with confidence.

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About the Author

Madeline Puckette, a certified sommelier of the Wine Waiters Association (CMS), has worked as a sommelier in several senior restaurants.

WINE FOLLY, the wine critic website she founded, won the Wine Blog Award of the Year in the 2013-2014 and 2018-2019 International Wine and Spirits Competition.

WINE FOLLY website and its published books have become a database for wine beginners, practitioners and test preparation personnel.

At present, Madeline Puckette, the founder and author, along with 40 wine experts from all over the world, presents readers with timely and professional industry information, as well as simple and easy drinking strategies.

Justin Hammack, the co-founder of Wine Folly is the key person, is responsible for concept development and brand development. and maintains the innovation goal of Wine Foly that emphasizes painless learning. In addition, the images and films of Wine Folly are also processed by Justin.

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Table of Contents

Wine Basics
Wine Encyclopedia
Three naming methods
Facts related to drinking
Composition of a bottle of wine
Characteristics of Wine
Body /Sweetness /Tannins /Acidity /Alcohol
Tasting Wine
View /Smell /Taste /Summary
From bottle opening, serving to storage
Storing Opened Wines
Brewing of red wine /Brewing of white wine
Traditional brewing methods of sparkling wine
Brewing of other flavor wines /Wine brewing technology
Wine and Food Match
Wine Matching
Collocation Methodology/Collocation Tips /Taste Map /Collocation Exercise
Matching with cheese /Matching with high protein foods
Matching with Vegetables /Matching with Spices and Vanilla
Cooking with Wine
Wine for Cooking
Grapes and Hundred Kinds of Wine
Wine Grapes in the World
Wines with different flavors
Chapter Guide
World Wine Region
World wine production
Where does the wine come from? one hundred and ninety-six
Recommended Wine
Recommended Wines
Recommended wine /Understanding wine labels
Recommended Wines
Recommended Wines /Understanding Wine Labels /Bordeaux /
Burgundy /Champagne /Languedoc Roussillon /
Loire Valley /Rhone Valley
Recommended Wines /Understanding Wine Labels
Recommended Wines
Recommended Wines
Recommended Wine /Understanding Wine Labels/
Wine Classification /NW /
Northeast /Central /
Southern region, archipelago
New Zealand
Recommended Wines
South Africa
Recommended Wines
Recommended Wines /Understanding Wine Labels /
Wine Classification /Northwest /
Northeast /South
United States
Recommended Wines /California /Northern California
Coast /California Central Coast /
Oregon /Washington
References and Sources
Wine Terminology
Additional resources
Special thanks
About the two authors