Wings of Fire Book 6 – Moon Rising

Wings of Fire Book 6 - Moon Rising
Wings of Fire Book 6 – Moon Rising


ISBN: 9780545685368Number of Pages: 336
Publisher: Scholastic PressBook Title: Moon Rising
Publication Year: 2014Target Audience: Juvenile Audience
Author: Tui T.SutherlandReading Age: 8 – 12 years

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The Key Charactor: Moonwatcher

Wings of Fire Book 6 Moon Rising: Peace has come to Pyrrhia now.

Moon Rising is the 6th book in the New York Times bestselling series Wings of Fire. The main Charactoris is Moonwatcher. This book was officially released on December 30, 2014 in the United States.

The war between tribes had ended finally. Now the dragonets have a plan for lasting peace: Jade Mountain Academy, a school that gathers dragonets from all tribes together, and teaches them how to live together, and even become friends.

However, Moonwatcher is not sure how she feels about school. The young NightWing spends most of her life hiding in the rainforest. She has a terrible secret. She can read thoughts and even see the future. Living in a cave with dozens of other dragons is noisy, tiring and dangerous.

In just a few days, Moon found itself flooded by its secret forces and bombarded by strange ideas, including a mysterious dragon, who may be a terrible enemy. When someone starts attacking the dragon in the academy, Moon has a choice: Stay hidden and safe? Or did you do anything to save her new friends?

About the Author

Tui T. Sutherland, one of the best-selling children’s book writers in the world, is praised as a woman writer of fantasy literature comparable to J.K.Rowling. She is a child book writer recommended by the New York Times and Publisher’s Weekly. Her works include Cat Warriors Series, Spirit Beast Series, and Wings of Fire Series.

This Box set of books was written by the author for her two sons and a little nephew. Her son Eliot was born in the wonderful Year of the Dragon, just like these books. It is said that her nephew Jonathan has a super cool Seawings costume that he only wears when he scares people in the middle of the night.

The author is also the champion of the American Masters Intelligence Contest, and successfully defended his title. She is particularly outstanding in answering literary questions, and she knows Shakespeare like the palm of her hand. Whether it is The Twelfth Night or Hamlet, she can answer all questions fluently. Unfortunately, after two consecutive championships, she lost to a librarian, but she didn’t mind. She said, “If I have to lose to one person, the librarian is definitely the best choice.”

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Table of Contents

1 Summary
2 Quote on Back of Hardcover
3 Dedication
4 Plot

  • 4.1 A Guide to the Dragons of Pyrrhia
  • 4.2 Prologue
  • 4.3 Part 1: Welcome to Jade Mountain
  • 4.4 Part 2: Stay Hidden
  • 4.5 Part 3: The Darkness of Dragons
  • 4.6 Epilogue

5 Trivia

6 Gallery

7 International Releases