Wings of Fire Series – The No.1 Best Selling in World (2022 New Release)

Wings of Fire Serias Books like Harry Potter
Wings of Fire Serias

Wings of Fire serias are fantasy books like Harry Potter


In the distant land of Pyrrhia, there are seven dragon families: Skywings, Seawings, Icewings, Mudwings, Sandwings, Nightwings, and Rainwings. They each have unique skills. Skywings with golden red scales, flying in the sky, is a brave and fearless soldier. The Seawings wearing sea blue scales, swimming in the deep sea, they can set off huge waves each attack. Icewings with bright silver scales dominates the icebound peninsula, and are good at breathing cold dead ice, The Mudwings with brown scales dominates the land to thousands of miles.

Each dragon under the Queen’s command is a hidden expert in the marsh. Young dragons from different tribes shoulder a heavy and confusing mission. They stand the test of their hearts and will, struggle in the shackles of nature and freedom, exercise courage in despair, and grow slowly in exploration.

Wings of Fire Series is a novel full of fantasy, which is an absolutely high-level fantasy story. Through this story, children can expand their imaginative, and can also stimulate children to have a deeper understanding of friendship, responsibility and courage. After reading such a book, as an adult, was also deeply feeling. The five dragons, who bear the burden of prophecy, are admired for their adventure, courage and responsibility in order to save the world and end the war.

The adventure journey of the five young dragons is thrilling, vividing, winding and legendary. While describing the splendid battles, the author does not neglect the description of little dragons heart. Through delicate brushwork, the children grow up with little dragons.

The stories have many peaks, which have a strong attraction for children, and open a door for children to imagine, so that they can deeply understand courage, friendship, loyalty and responsibility.

In the whole story, little dragons were charged with a historical mission that they cannot understand. They are manipulated, dragged and even chased by various power.

The development of the war is also more complicated. Little dragons struggled in the endless mysteries and crises. They grew up in different ways, became firm and strong gradually, but the power of prophecy has always followed closely. We deeply felt Cray’s loyalty, Tsunami’s courage, Starflight’s wisdom, Glory’s responsibility and Sunny’s compassion.

After reading this story, children began to re-examine their friendship, re-experience the team spirit and sense of responsibility.

Major Races

Wings of Fire Skywing 

Wings of Fire Skywing 
Skywing Wings of Fire 
  • Appearance: Red, Gold or Orange scales, Huge wings
  • Ability: Good at flying,Jet flame
  • Current Ruler: Queen Ruby

Wings of Fire Seawing

Seawing Wings of Fire
Wings of Fire Seawing
  • Appearance: Blue, Green or Sea Blue scales, Web between claws. There are gills on the neck side. They have stripes on their tail, snout and abdomen that can emit light
  • Ability: Underwater breathing. Night vision ability; A powerful tail that can make huge waves. An excellent swimmer
  • Current Ruler: Queen Coral

Wings of Fire Icewing

Wings of Fire Icewing
Wings of Fire Icewing
  • Appearance: Scales as white as the moon or Light blue as ice. Spiked claws. A forked blue tongue. A long tail with a very thin tip
  • Ability: can withstand low temperature and strong light. Exhale ice
  • Current ruler: Queen Glacier (former)/Queen Snowfall

Wings of Fire Mudwing

Wings of Fire Mudwing
Wings of Fire Mudwing
  • Appearance: Thick brown scales, sometimes amber and gold scales. Large and flat head with nostrils facing upwards
  • Ability: It can spray fire when it is warm enough. Hold breath for an hour. Can blend into the mire. Very strong
  • Current Ruler: Queen Mohan

Wings of Fire Sandwing

Wings of Fire Sandwing
Sandwing Wings of Fire
  • Appearance: Pale gold or white scales. A poisonous spiny tail. A forked black tongue
  • Ability: can survive for a long time without water; The tip of the tail can poison the enemy like the tail of a scorpion; You can hide yourself in the desert; Jet flame
  • Current Ruler: Queen Thorn

Nightwing Wings of Fire

Nightwing Wings of Fire
Nightwing Wings of Fire
  • Appearance: purple black scales, silver scales scattered under the wings, like the starry night sky; A forked black tongue
  • Ability: can spurt fire; Hiding in the dark; He was famous for his mind reading and predicting the future
  • Current Ruler: Queen Glory

Rainwing Wings of Fire

Rainwing Wings of Fire
Rainwing Wings of Fire
  • Appearance: scales that can change colors; Good at grasping the tail
  • Ability: can change the color of scales and blend into the surrounding environment; It can shoot lethal venom from the fangs
  • Current ruler: Queen Glory

Wings of Fire Characters

Clay Wings of Fire 

Clay Wings of Fire
Clay Wings of Fire

Clay Wings of Fire, the male Mudwing is simple, honest, loyal and clumsy. He likes food and is the first one to break the shell among the first generation of young dragons. His dragon eggs were sold by his mother to his sister. It hatches from blood red eggs, so it has fireproof scales.

He met Perriel when he was imprisoned in the Heavenly Kingdom. He was too dull to know Perriel’s feelings for him. Later, Jade Mountain Academy was established with other first generation dragons. In the future predicted by Moonwatcher, it seems that has a child with Peril.

Tsunami Wings of Fire 

Tsunami Wings of Fire 
Tsunami Wings of Fire 

Tsunami Wings of Fire, the female SeaWing is brave and irritable, loves fighting, and always likes to give orders to small partners. She is the Princess of Seawings. Her dragon eggs were stolen from the incubator by Webs. She killed her tortured father Jill in the Skywing’s arena.

Later, she came to Seawings to meet her relatives. After the attack on the Summer Palace, she came to the rainforest with his companions to establish Jade Mountain Academy with other first generation young dragons, and served as the President. Suspected of having children with Riptide in the future predicted by Moonwatcher.

Glory Wings of Fire 

Glory Wings of Fire 
Glory Wings of Fire 

Glory Wings of Fire, the female Rainwing is willful, likes to tease others, and often quarrels with Tsunami Wings of Fire. He is a substitute for the Skywings in the young dragon. He is good at hiding his feelings and rarely makes intimate actions with others. He was used as an ornament by Queen Scarlet in Skywings, and disfigured Queen Scarlett with venom.

After arriving at Rainwings , she became the Queen. Have a good relationship with Deathbringer. She is now the queen of Rainwing sand Nightwings. In the future predicted by Moonwatcher, it seems that she has a child with Deathbringer.

Peril Wings of Fire 

Peril Wings of Fire 
Peril Wings of Fire 

Peril Wings of Fire,the female Skywing are born with “fire scales”. It has unique blue eyes and copper red scales. Her father is Chameleonand her mother is Kestrel. There was a twin brother’s fire was sucked by her. Kestrel was forced to choose one from the other under the threat of Scarlet and killed his brother.

Kestrel wanted to escape but could not take Peril away, so she grew up alone, she was trained as the “No.1 Warrior” by the former Skywings Queen Scarlet. She like Clay Wings of Fire, but Clay doesn’t notice. Suspected of having children with Clay in the future predicted by Moonwatcher.

Starflight Wings of Fire 

Starflight Wings of Fire 
Starflight Wings of Fire 

Starflight Wings of Fire, who is a Male Nightwing, are persistent and timid. He like to read and show off their knowledge. He pretend to be stalagmites when they are afraid. He was rescued by Nightwings in the Skywings’ arena and tried to persuade his companions to choose Princess Blister as the Sandwings Queen.

He was taken to Nightwing Island when he was in the rainforest, and became blind when the Nightwing Island volcano erupted. He likes Sunny, but Sunny refused him as she treated him as brother. But Fatespeaker likes him. Later, he set up Jade Mountain Academy with other first generation young dragons as librarians. He seems to have a child with Fatespeaker in the future foreseen by Moonwatcher.

Wings of fire Darkstalker

Wings of fire Darkstalker is the son of Nightwings Foeslayer and the IceWings Prince Arctic. was born in March, he has strong ability of prophecy and mind reading. The first Psychic dragon of the Nightwings clan transferred his Psychic to a scroll. The maker of Dream Stone.

Finally, Prince Fathom and Clearsight were trapped at the foot of the Agate Mountain. About 2000 years later, Kinkajou used his scroll to cast a curse on a strawberry and turned him into peace – a young Nightwing without the ability and memory of the past.

Wings of Fire Sunny

Wings of Fire Sunny
Wings of Fire Sunny

Wings of Fire Sunny, is a female hybrid of Nightwing and Sandwing, is kind-hearted, docile, naive and optimistic. Her eggs were stolen from the desert by Dune. She is the daughter of Thorn, the current Queen of Sandwings. She is a hybrid of Nightwing and Sandwing, so she has golden scales and no tail sting, which is often underestimated by her peers.

She was presented to Princess Burn by Queen Scarlett when she was in the Skywings. She was captured by a Nightwing dragon when she was in Rainwings. She escaped and then went to the scorpion nest to meet his mother, Thorn. Later, Queen Scarlett was accidentally found missing in the burning castle.

Finally, she decided to hand over the throne of Sandwing to Thorn. The youngest of the first generation of young dragons. Later, Jade Mountain Academy was established with other first generation dragos.

Wings of Fire Book 1 – The Dragonet Prophecy

Wings of Fire Book 1 is The Dragonet Prophecy. Clay, a small Mudwing, lives in a cave at the foot of the mountain, isolated from the rest of the world, while various tribes of the dragon family are caught in an extremely fierce war. A mysterious prophecy said that Cray and the other four dragons would become the end of the war and bring peace to the mainland of Pyrrhia. Therefore, before the dragons hatched, they were stolen from their home by Talons of Peace .

For six years, they were forced to receive special training from the devil, just to achieve the prophecy. But not every dragonet wants a destiny, especially when one of their own is threatened, they resolutely choose to escape.Maybe they can break free and end the war at the same time – or they will take all risks

Wings of Fire Book 2 – The Lost Heir

The Key Charactor: Tsunami

Wings of Fire saga continues with a thrilling underwater adventure—and a mystery that will change everything!

The Lost Heir to the SeaWing throne is going home at last…

Tsunami Wings of Fire, the female SeaWing is brave and irritable, loves fighting, and always likes to give orders to small partners. She is the Princess of Seawings. Stolen as an egg from the royal hatchery. She killed her tortured father Jill in the Skywing’s arena.

Later, she came to Seawings to meet her relatives. After the attack on the Summer Palace, she came to the rainforest with his companions to establish Jade Mountain Academy with other first generation young dragons, and served as the President. Suspected of having children with Riptide in the future predicted by Moonwatcher.

Wings of Fire Book 3 – The Hidden Kingdom

The Key Charactor: Glory

The Hidden Kingdom: Deep in the rainforest, danger awaits …

Glory, the RainWing dragon, went into the dangerous rainforest with other dragonets, but was attacked by invisible enemies immediatelly. The RainWings know nothing about the rest of Pyrrhia, they nap, basked in the sun, and ate fruit all day, which was recognized as the most useless tribe in the dragon world.

The worst thing is that they don’t care or realize that RainWings are going missing mysteriously from their beautiful forest. Glory and the dragonets are decided to find the missing RainWings dragons and protect the rainforest from foreign enemies, even if he wants to challenge the peaceful of RainWing Kingdom.

Wings of Fire Book 4 – The Dark Secret

The Key Charactor: Starflight

The Dark Secret: In the dark, trouble is brewing

When Starflight was stolen by his tribe, he hoped to find some secrets of the Nightwings that had been hidden for a long time. What magic power they really had, who they allied with in the war, and where they had always lived.

But the truth about Starflight‘s tribe was more terrible than he imagined. NightWings not only lived in a dark and tragic place, but also imprisoned several innocent RainWings,so Starflight is determined to convince his tribe to set them free. But the fate of the two kingdoms is now in his magic claw, and no one will save him, so Starflight will have to find a brave way,before it is still too late. Alone, Starflight just wants to return to his friends.

Wings of Fire Book 5 – The Brightest Night

The Key Charactor: Sunny

The Brightest Night: One will have the power of wings of fire …

Sunny has always taken the Dragonet Prediction very earnestly. If Pyrrhia’s dragons need Starflight, Glory, Clay, Tsunami and her to end the war, she’s ready for it. Even she has some better ideas on how to do it, if someone would listen to her.

But some shocking news from Morrowseer has breaken Sunny’s faith in their destiny. Is it possibility for anyone to end this terrible war and look a new SandWing queen? May be everything they went through was futile.

The hidden secret, the fatal surprise, and the unexpected side of the scavengers are waiting for her in the quicksand of the desert. Sunny must decide once and for all: Has her destiny been written

Or can the five dragonets change their destiny and save the world?

Wings of Fire Book 6 Moon Rising

Moon Rising is the 6th book in the New York Times bestselling series Wings of Fire. The main Charactoris is Moonwatcher. This book was officially released on December 30, 2014 in the United States.

The war between tribes had ended finally. Now the dragonets have a plan for lasting peace: Jade Mountain Academy, a school that gathers dragonets from all tribes together, and teaches them how to live together, and even become friends.

However, Moonwatcher is not sure how she feels about school. The young NightWing spends most of her life hiding in the rainforest. She has a terrible secret. She can read thoughts and even see the future. Living in a cave with dozens of other dragons is noisy, tiring and dangerous.

In just a few days, Moon found itself flooded by its secret forces and bombarded by strange ideas, including a mysterious dragon, who may be a terrible enemy. When someone starts attacking the dragon in the academy, Moon has a choice: Stay hidden and safe? Or did you do anything to save her new friends?

Wings of Fire Book 7 Winter Turning

Winter disappointed his royal IceWing family all his life. When his sister Icicle escapes from Jade Mountain Academy, flees from terrible crimes, and may plan to commit more crimes, Winter knows that they all need a second chance to correct their mistakes – as long as he can find her.

Winter’s new clawmates, Moon, Qibli and Kinkajou, would not let him embark on this dangerous journey alone. They don’t seem to understand that IceWings, the best of all dragon tribes, can solve their own problems. When their search leads dragonets directly into the evil talons of the Scarlet Queen, Winter is grateful for their help. But even the bravest dragon could not follow him to the Ice Kingdom, where he would have to face the greatest threat: his own family.

Wings of Fire Book 8 Escaping Peril

The Key Charactor: Peril

Wings of Fire Book 8 Escaping Peril: The most dangerous dragon in Pyrrhia is on a mission …

Peril is always loyal. First of all, Scarlet killed countless dragons in her violent SkyWing a rena with her dangerous firescales . Now, Peril is loyal to Clay. She is the onlydragonet who was once her friend. Therefore, when Scarlet threatened Jade Mountain Academy, the Peril began to find her former queen, stop her, and save the day, no matter what the cost.

There is only one problem: a strange persistent SeaWing, Turtle, also insists on coming. Turtle was worried about his friends. They left the Academy to look for Scarlet and never came back. Peril was worried that she might accidentally burn Turtle or deliberately burn him because she was too annoying, and was frustrated that she had been saying and doing the wrong thing. She could not escape the firescales, nor could she escape her reputation as the deadliest dragon of Pyrrhia.

So when she has the opportunity to use everything for a new life, Peril must determine who she is really loyal to… and whether her own balance is worth saving.

Wings of Fire Book 9 Talons of Power

Wings of Fire Book 9 Talons of Power: For every villain, there is a hero …

Turtle was not one of the heroes he read about in the story. If so, he will use his hostile powers to help Pyrrhia, instead of keeping his abilities a secret, or even his sister. Now, Darksktalker, the sinister and mysterious old dragon from Pyrrhia’s most notorious legend, has returned. Turtle knows that his role is simple: hide and hide.

On the other hand, Jade Mountain Academy think that Darkstalker is very attractive. He attracted everyone he met, including Turtle’s most suspicious friend. They seem to believe that the ancient dragon has changed.

Turtle is not sure. The more he watched Darkstalker in the shadow, the more Turtle knew that someone needed to stop this powerful dragon. A real hero. But Turtle has no time to find one, which means that… he may have to save the day by himself.

Wings of Fire Book 10-Darkness of Dragons

The Key Charactor: Qibli

Wings of Fire Book 10 Darkness of Dragons: Time is running out.

Darkness of Dragons is the 10th book in the best-selling series Wings of Fire of the New York Times, and also the 5th book in the second volume. The book was officially released on July 25, 2017.

Qibli knew that Darkstalker must be stopped. He knew he could prevent him – if he had magic. Even if it is the powerful scroll of an ancient dragon, Qibli could rewrite history and end the war forever, make every dragon happy, and even cast a very small spell to make everyone like him

On the contrary, when the dangerous influence of the Darkstalker’s spread to the whole Pyrrhia, trapping or killing each dragon in the seven tribes, Qibli could only catch the small animals he borrowed from Turtle. Through some clever thinking, Qibli’s talons finally grasped the power of change.

But predictions are not easy to rewrite. Can Qibli be the magic power that Pyrrhia needs, or will he let Jade Mountain – his family, friends and the world – collapse?

Wings of Fire Book 11 – The Lost Continent

The Lost Continent is the 11th book in the best-selling series Wings of Fire of the New York Times and the first book in the third volume. It was officially released on June 26, 2018.

Blue is contentment. Life is safe in his hive. He loves his family, he has enough food to eat. Pantala has been in a peaceful state in his memory – SilkWings andHiveWings live and work in harmony, because they keep alert, and no one has seen dangerous LeafWings for many years.

Since Blue’s sister Luna is undergoing transformation, Blue knows that things will change. Luna will have her wings and silk, be assigned a partner and a work order, and then transferred to another Hive. A few days later, Blue’s own wings and silk will come on the market.

But when Luna’s wings began to grow, nothing could prepare Blue. Suddenly, his world turned upside down, throwing him into a danger he had never realized. Pantara is not as peaceful as it looks, and blue is not safe. Whether he is ready or not, it is time to adapt – to fight for his life.

Wings of Fire Book 12 – The Hive Queen

The Hive Queen the 12th book in the New York Times bestseller series Wings of Fire, and the second book iin the third volume. The main character is cricket. The book was officially released on December 26, 2018.

Cricket growing up in hives always have countless problems. Why are trees forbidden, even in art? Why does her parents hate her? The biggest, most dangerous and most secret question is: Why are Cricket immune to the power of Queen Wasp? Whenever the queen controls all the HiveWings, talks through their mouths and looks through their eyes, Cricket have to hide for fear of being found.

Now she is hiding again, because she stole the Book of Clearsight and her new SilkWing friends, Blue and Swordtail, as well as fierce LeafWing, Sundew. The fugitives need quick answers to prevent LeafWing attacks. But Cricket has more problems than ever before. How could she hide and discover the Queen’s deadliest secret? If she really succeeds – what can an incompetent dragonet really do to overthrow a regime and prevent a war?

Wings of Fire Book 13 – The Poison Jungle

The Poison Jungle is the 13th book in the New York Times bestseller series Wings of Fire, and the third book the third volume. The main protagonist is Sundew. The book was officially released on July 30th.

It is not a secret that Sundew wants to destroy HiveWings. Her lifelong mission was to revenge the tribes who tried to destroy the LeafWings and tear down every tree from the planet of Pantala.

Each tree, except the wild and dangerous poison jungle, the surviving LeafWings have been hiding there since the war. Hiding, planning and waiting for a dragon like Sundew, he is the only person qualified to shoot down the Hives.

However, there are some dark secrets in the jungle – some are kept by Sundew, and others just discovered by Sundew. Now, a new war is coming to them. Sundew and her friends must dig the oldest secret in the jungle – even if what they find can destroy all of them.

Wings of Fire Book 14 – The Dangerous Gift

The Dangerous Gift is the 14th book in the New York Times bestseller series Wings of Fire, and the 4th book the third volume. The main protagonist is Snowfall. The book was officially released on March 2nd, 2021.
Snowfall didn’t expect to become the IceWings Queen at such a young age, but now she is, and she will become the best queen ever. All she must to do is to control her tribe in the IceWing Territory, where it is safe, and keep other tribes in their own places.

This is a perfect and simple plan, supported by the Ice Cliff wall and IceWing magic snowflake. That is perfact, until an unidentified dragon flies from the ocean to seek refuge.

Wings of Fire Book 15 – The Flames of Hope

The Flames of Hope is the 15th book in the New York Times bestseller series Wings of Fire, and the 5th book the third volume. The main protagonist is Luna. The book was officially released on April 5th, 2022.

Luna always wanted to change the world, fix it and liberate it, even though she never knew what to do next. Now all the dragons and human beings are in mortal danger. Luna is flying back to the home of Pantala with a team of dragons to carry out rescue missions. She is determined to be brave and useful.

But saving a continent is not as easy as predicted. Of course, “facing a huge evil” requires more than the hot silk Luna can create. When Luna rushes to the abyss, which hides the dark roots that poison Pantala, she must uncover a secret that has been buried for a long time and unite her friends, enemies and her own strength. If she doesn’t, she can’t change the world. She will have to say goodbye to it forever.

The End

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